Shop for the Right Screws Using These Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind while selecting screws for your project. It can be difficult to sort through the wide selection of screws from scrooz, or even from any other retailer. Let this guide walk you through the simple process of choosing the right screws that you need

Material of the Surface to Work On

The material of the surface to be worked on with screws should be the primary consideration when selecting the best ones to use. To properly fasten different items, various screw kinds are needed. For example, you can only use wood screws on wood surfaces. The same for metal screws which should be used on metal. If you are working on mixed-material, use screws made for that purpose.

Know the Specific Application

There are screws that can only be used for specific applications. For example, some screws can only be used in sheetrock or decking. Decking screws are made to work in wet environments, while drywall screws are made to hold sheetrock in place without cracking it. So make sure that you know what specific application you need before looking for screws to buy.

Size of the Screw is Important

How long and wide a screw you should use depends on how thick is the material it’s holding. If a screw is too short, it won’t be a secure hold. And if it is too long, it will break the wood or go through the other side. So, screw size is important.

Consider the Thread Type

There are two types of screw threads – coarse threads and small threads. Fine-threaded screws work well with metal and other hard materials. Coarse-threaded screws work better with wood and other soft materials. Self-tapping screws are another option as they don’t need a threading mechanism on the outside.

Head Type of Screw

The screw head will depend on what screwdriver you have on hand. Phillips, slotted, Torx, hex, and square heads are the most commonly used. Pick a screw head based on what you will be needing. For example, hex and square heads are best for heavy-duty jobs. Phillips heads are usually used around the house.

Screw Strength

The way a screw is made and what it is made of will determine its strength. Some screws are made to hold up under a lot of pressure, while others are better at lighter applications. So if your project needs a strong screw, machine and nut screws are a good choice. Also, it’s best to use screws made of hardened steel or coated with a corrosion-resistant when working on wood.

It’s not easy to figure out how many screws and what type your job will need. But you can be sure you’re getting the right screws if you think about tips mentioned above. Never try to use one without first reading the manual if you are not sure of what you are doing. If you want your project to be a success, do your research or ask others for expert opinion.