Should I Renovate My House Before I Put It On The Orlando Market?

Ah yes, the age old question: to renovate or not to renovate? That is the question. Is it better to bear the slings and arrows of an angry realtor or renovate against a possible sea of troubles? All Shakespeare-mutilating aside, this is a genuine question to ask. Everyone wants to get a good price on their home, but is it worth the money to renovate a house and is it worth it in the current Grand Pines Orlando market?

This question is better answered by looking at the condition of your home in its current state. If by “renovations” you’re merely talking about slapping a new coat of paint on the walls and replacing a few cracked windows, then absolutely yes. It’s always a good idea to repaint a home for sale in more neutral, but warm, colours in order to ensure that a prospective buyer will be able to picture the home painted in the colours that they would prefer.

There are also fairly moderate renovations that are fairly inexpensive, but can do a great deal towards giving a higher quality-look to your home. One of these is to make changes to the floors. They do, after all, receive the most wear and tear in your house and people will consider it in when taking a look at your asking price. If you have wood floors, then you might consider refinishing them if they look they’ve been worn down. The same goes for any older carpets or linoleum you might have in the house. For this form of renovation, it’s best to ask your realtor for their opinion. How much does it normally cost and how much does it typically increase the Orlando vacation homes for sale?

Then there are the big renovations. If you have an unfinished basement and are looking to complete it to get more money out of your sale, then be aware that a finished basement will affect your home’s sale value. Just realize, that what you plan to do with it could result in a feeble increase or it could be significant.

If you’re looking at adding a bar in the basement or a big “man cave”, realize that there are few people who will consider that to be enough of an added benefit to warrant the higher price of the home. You might even get a lower offer because of what a prospective buyer might want to undo to the basement. Generally, if you’re looking at basement renovations, people are positive about family rooms, home offices, gyms, and even home theatres. Before you do anything, get a quote from a contractor, and then bring that quote to your realtor. They’ll likely be able to tell you if it will result in a net positive to your asking price in that part of orlando.

There are also many other minor renovations you can do, including adding a bathroom or ensuite, but always get quotes before doing anything and then find out what value it will add to your home. The answer to your question is in the difference between the two!