Signs your basement needs waterproofing

Ensuring effective basement waterproofing in your foundation can save you from the problem of wet basement Toronto and from causing any damage to your property. People believe that concrete is completely waterproof without acknowledging that moisture, condensation, and vapor can weaken the foundation. If there are foundation cracks, you will notice water entering the basement and further wrecking the foundation. This is why basement waterproofing is of grave importance in Toronto.

Why do you need basement waterproofing?

A leaky basement in Toronto serves as a flourishing ground for mold and mildew to grow, making the people living in it fall sick. Apart from water build-up, it can also cause structural destruction and dents on your stored items and furniture. A dry basement gives you extra space which can be used for other meaningful things.

Basement waterproofing Toronto includes exterior and interior waterproofing methods to prevent water inflow in your basement and avoid basement leakage in the future.

And, if ignored, water leakage can cause severe and costly issues. If you don’t know whether your basement needs waterproofing, here are some signs to look out for.

Signs to watch out for

There are some signs to watch that can divert your attention towards basement waterproofing.

Marks and stains of water

Look out for big or small watermarks and stains on your basement walls. For instance, if you notice an orange or white mark on the wall, it means you should go for immediate fixing.

Cracks on wall or floor

Sometimes the marks may appear quite late. Instead, you may notice cracks in the wall or floor. They may not be very big but still be present. It is a sign of serious concern as it can result in water pressure against your basement.

Mold and musty smell

If you enter your basement and notice a musty smell, it is possibly because of water leakage. The sign may not be obvious. However, if the smell is strong, there is mold growth, and you should instantly go for exterior waterproofing to rectify it.

Chalky substance present on the wall

Just like water stain, if you notice a chalky substance on your wall, it means your waterproofing needs re-work. It is a problem of deposits left by water post evaporation. You will notice it mostly near the cracks.

Bowed basement walls

This is a serious sign, and it means your basement’s strength is compromised. Do you notice a lump on your basement wall? If you leave it unaddressed, it can cause prominent wall cracks that let water break in and hamper your home’s foundation.

Swollen wood or rusty metallic

If you notice your metal accessories or wood furniture getting damaged, it means your basement has moisture.

Puddle of water

Water can leak from the ground too. So, always inspect your drainage. Do not allow water puddles to collect in your basement.

Waterproofing your basement is important for a safe and healthy home. So, anytime you notice any one of these signs, you should go for waterproofing instantly. If you need waterproofing solutions for your basement, get in touch with Waterproofing PD company to get the best waterproofing services to avoid all collateral damage to your home.