Simple Living Room Decorations

To completely transform your room with the economy, you can invest in pallet furniture like panels, sofas, side tables, and armchairs. It is also possible to abuse decorative objects to personalize your space or replace some coatings with just one painting. To avoid problems with how to decorate a simple room, use pastel and neutral tones on the walls and sofa.

As decorating a simple room needs a choice of colors and finishes, always choose neutral tones. In the simple living room decoration, the white sofa receives a pink blanket with beige pillows in the form of rolls.

The curtain for the living room, the carpet, and the cushions have three different shades of beige to create harmony with the environment. The decorative objects follow the tones of the furniture and accessories in the living room. Two brown tones were used on the wall.

Creating a simple room is a difficult task; it invests in decorative objects with similar tones.

The simple Charan condo (คอนโด จ รั ญ which is the term in Thai) decoration uses turquoise blue to break the monotony of the neutral tones of the environment. A niche was also fixed on the wall to accommodate electronic devices and under the furniture two square puffs with a circle-shaped magazine rack.

In this room decoration, many geometric elements were used, such as the rectangles of the niches, the squares of the puff, the pattern of the cushions, the carpet, and the magazine rack.

As decorating a room does not depend only on the placement of the furniture in the right places, the ornaments for the room are an essential complement to harmonize the environment.

You can use vases, sculptures, books, candlesticks, mirrors on the walls, candles, paintings, plants, and decorative chandeliers as living room decorations. In decoration, the decorations for the living room reflect the style and personality of the residents.

When you buy living room ornaments, choose decorative objects of the same style and, if possible, with colorful details that match each other.