Simplifying NRI property Management

Thousands of NRI’s face challenges of managing their properties back home with mounting professional pressures in their country of work, busy schedules and inability to find a reliable source who would hand hold them through their issues to sort it out in an amicable fashion. Be it renting your property, pending payments, filing papers, legal hassles none of this could be sorted out without help that is focussed and committed to settling the matter and ensuring complete closure with any loose ends hanging. As an NRI, residing far away from home soil, you would not want to spend your holiday at home standing in endless queues and dealing with intermediaries to settle any disputes or issues related to your property. NestAway steps in here and offers its comprehensive NRI Homes to assist you in every aspect of managing your property in India and helping you convert it into a golden egg rather than a dead investment.

Rental arrangements are not the only issues that NRI’s face concerning property owned. Several NRI’s find themselves in the eye of a storm about their property when it is under a dispute. The dispute could be of any kind – illegal transfer of property, illegal sale of property, illegal possession of property or landlord-tenant disputes. All these issues need legal recourse to settle them with no loose ends. Nestaway has a team of legal experts who advise clients on a range of legal matters to help them protect their property from being usurped or lying unoccupied as a worthless investment. A few legal services that we offer are listed below:

1) Legal Advice on Illegal Transfer of Property

Illegal transfer of property is a basic form of property disputes faced by NRI’s. A clear title to stake claim over ownership of the property needs to be established. Ownership of the said piece of property be it land, apartment or house needs to be established in the name of current legal owners to prevent fraud. Our legal experts provide counselling and the necessary plan of action to follow legally to ensure that there is no dispute in the ownership of the property.

2) Legal Advice on Illegal Possession of Property

Illegal possession of properties takes place owing to a variety of reasons. In case of NRI’s such circumstances become impenetrable owing to their lack of physical presence to evict the occupant. Our expert lawyers challenge such situations in court and restore the legal rights of the rightful owner.

3) Landlord-tenant disputes

Most NRI’s rent out their property to avoid trespassers or illegal occupants. However, this could sometimes turn into a nightmare with tenants refusing to vacate the property. NRI’s then find it difficult to coordinate and evict the tenant. Our knowledgeable lawyers help to resolve such issues by giving dedicated legal expert advice to NRI’s and safeguard their interests.

The above are just a few of the legal services we provide to our clients. Our team at Nestaway has the expertise to deal with any legal issue. NRI’s can employ our services and be assured that our service-oriented approach will help them through all their legal issues without any stress.