Smart Ceiling Fan Looks With Appropriate Quality

Ceiling fans, often used in the tropical areas, have long been neglected by many homes. And yet, with the constant increase in temperatures and the frequency of heat waves, they return to favor with consumers. Economical, available in a wide variety of styles and practices, winter and summer, they can greatly improve the comfort of the living rooms for as long as they are well chosen. Some tips for choosing your ceiling fan. You can consult for Tropical Ceiling Fans now.

Tilt, width and length of the blades

The effectiveness of a ceiling fan depends on several criteria, namely the inclination, the width and the length of the blades. The more the blades are inclined, the more effective the mixing of air will be. In the same way, the larger the blades, the more efficient the mixing will be. The length of the blades, however, depends solely on the surface to be ventilated: the larger the surface, the more it will take a fan with long blades. Count, for the diameter of the blades:

  • 80 cm to ventilate 10 m²
  • 100/120 cm to ventilate 10 to 20 m²
  • 120/130 cm to ventilate rooms from 20 to 40 m²
  • For rooms with an area greater than 40 m², it will be necessary to install 2 air blowers.

Speed ​​and direction of rotation

It is obvious that the speed of rotation plays a role in the performance of a ceiling fan , especially in summer, when the heat is important: the faster the fan will turn and the more it will bring freshness. Entry-level models typically have 2 to 3 speeds, while higher-performance models can offer up to 4 or 5 rotational speeds.

Some ceiling fans also offer a very practical feature: reversing the direction of rotation. This feature allows you to exploit the benefits of the air blower both in summer and in winter. In summer, the fan will mix the warm air, creating a draft (thus improving the feeling of freshness); in winter, the brewer will “push” the hot air downwards (the warm air rises naturally towards the ceiling) and harmonize the distribution of the heat in the room, which is particularly true with a wood heater without blower.


For wet rated outdoor fans equipped with a lighting system, it will be necessary to choose, depending on its preferences, a globe (which diffuses the light in a softer but less effective way) or spots (which produce a directed light but more powerful).

Control system

Finally, there are several types of controls for air brewers: wall switch, cord attached to the fan or remote control. Systems with switches can be well adapted in a large renovation project or a construction project (the ducts then being concealed in the doublings); the zipper is often the economic system but quite impractical in everyday life; the remote control is obviously the most comfortable control device but also the most expensive. It is necessary on this point to arbitrate according to his own habits and his budget.

If you want to equip ceiling fans , do not hesitate to use More than PRO to identify, near you, professionals able to advise you and provide you with your equipment: we refer all companies involved in a process quality and evaluated by their customers via our ISO 20252 certified controlled notification system.