Smart Options for the Best Water Damage Detection and Medning

The amount of water damage in detached houses has been clearly increasing over the last 10-15 years. Especially the plumbing of detached houses built in the 40’s and 80’s is currently part of the so-called. high-risk group. However, water damage can be avoided by clearing the piping in good time.

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Do it today and you can avoid lurking water damage

Water damage is the most common damage in our homes. They happen almost 100 a day. Repairing water damage is laborious, expensive, often takes months, and often requires moving away from home. Therefore, it is a good idea to prevent any water damage by taking care of your own duty of care and notification as well as your maintenance responsibility. Fortunately, it is often quite easy and free.

Dish and washing machines

Dishwasher is the most common cause of water damage after pipeline leaks. Do not start or leave the washing machine running if you leave the apartment yourself! Only by monitoring a running device will it be possible to react quickly enough and minimize the extent of the damage. The tap is always closed after the end of the program.

Leakage water should be directed

A drain pan is installed under the dishwasher to prevent water from entering the structures. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the plinth has a groove with a wide spout so that the spillage can be easily exposed. By sealing the pool cabinet base plate and the passageways, any leakage from pipe connections will not hide underneath the cabinet; the leak will be detected before it can cause any damage to the cabinet, floor and other home structures.

It is a good idea to check the washing machine drain hoses, water connections and inlet taps and their seals at regular intervals. They may leak water unobtrusively into the furniture. Testing the joints is easy. Wipe the hose connections with kitchen paper after the machine has been in use. If water enters the paper, there is a leak in the joint and must be repaired immediately. Report any leakage to your housing company.

The discharge hose is the responsibility of the shareholder

It is good to renew the hoses every five years. If the hose leaks, the machine must not be used until the hose has been replaced. With the age of your home appliance approaching ten, it’s time to consider purchasing a new appliance. The risk of damage increases with the age of the machine. The old machine also uses more electricity and water. The equipment must be permanently connected to the water and sewerage network. By using a professional installer, you will avoid liability for damage caused by the joints.