Stone Restoration – What You Ought To Know?

Stone, although known to be a highly durable material, is not exempt from damage, especially if it is located in areas with high traffic. In other words, stone undergoes wear and tear with time. the good news is that there are stone care & restoration service and you can take advantage of their service to prevent further damage and preserve the beauty of the stone.

 What kind of damage can the stone acquire over time? Well, here are the most common ones:

Stains – 

Stones are not excused from staining, especially if they frequently come into contact with rust, oil, and water. Other elements that can cause stone staining include some types of food and cleaning acids. Liquid deposits that are not cleaned right away or not cleaned properly can build up overtime, affecting the beauty and function of the stone.

Hit marks/Stun marks – 

They are caused by a sharp and sudden impact on the stone, causing white discoloration. It leads to weak links, causing the rock to rupture and eventually fracture. Depending on the intensity and degree of impact, the marks can be just on the surface or run through the entire slab of stone.

Damage caused by extreme temperature – 

Temperature extreme can cause thermal shock, causing the stone to crack and chip. If fluid spills on the stone, there’s a possibility that the fluid can seep into the cracks, leading to more damage.

Etching – 

You probably have heard of etch, which is an acid chemical. The chemical eats away and dissolves the stone’s surface, causing stone marks that are unsightly to see. It may appear like a clear liquid stain, but can get worse with time if not dealt with right away. If you notice this, don’t lose hope as you can still restore the beauty of the stone through polishing.

Scratch marks – 

If the stone is located in areas with heavy foot traffic, it can affect the beauty of the stone. It can scratch the stone, especially when it comes into contact with abrasive debris. For instance, if the sand and dirt get stuck under the shoes, they cause friction with the stone. It can eventually affect the surface of the stone. It would require heavy polishing and other stone restorative measures to salvage the natural beauty of the stone.

Cracks – 

Stone must be properly installed to prevent the possibility of cracking. If not installed the right way, expect the possibility of cracks, especially when a substandard paving base is applied along with poor jointing. When this happens, it would require professional stone restoration service to properly address the issue.

Hazing –

Another possibility that could appear on the stone’s surface is efflorescence, which is a white, chalky substance. It is caused by salts present in the soil and water and get dissolved by rain and groundwater. Once the moisture caused by water evaporates, the salt particle remains on the stone causing efflorescence. Which is why it is important to clean the stone right away to avoid such a condition.