Synthetic Grass War: The Pros And Cons Of Fake Grass

You do not need to be blinded by the disadvantages of installing a fake turf since its advantages have greater and useful impact. However, if there are goodness and strength, there are still flaws. Browse and identify the advantages and disadvantages of owning an artificial lawn for you to be enlightened.


  1. Pesticides are not needed.

Your garden that is made of an artificial grass doesn’t need any chemicals to protect it from pests and other threats. Its good look and color will stay since it is designed to long last. You do not need to purchase any substances and think of how you can maintain its magnificence. You may want to visit for more benefits of fake grass in Sydney.

  1. Maintenance is hassle-free.

An artificial grass needs less maintenance. You do not need to monitor it from time to time and focus your attention in ensuring its safety. After the installation, what you need to do is to schedule a day for cleaning to keep it sparkling. This is hassle-free since you do not need to remove weeds and do mowing. By cleaning, its look will glow again.

  1. Regular watering is not required.

You can conserve water when you planned to have an artificial grass as your lawn. Watering it regularly is not a requirement and without doing so it will never have a negative effect to the lawn. A synthetic turf is not natural and it is lifeless so it will never die.

  1. Injuries are avoidable.

A fake turf is a good area for playing purposes. It will protect someone from any injuries since it has good fibers that transform it to a soft and comfortable space where anybody can stay. However, if accidents happen, it has a good surface that will avoid too much impact from falling and slipping.


  1. It has bad effects to health.

Even though chemicals are not used to preserve and protect an artificial lawn, it still causes dangers to one’s health. Asthma and MRSA which is known as Methicillin-safe Staphylococcus Aureus are common health problems that are brought by installing artificial lawn. The small particles coming from this manufactured turf are not good for respiratory system.

  1. It may be a ground for bacteria .

The failure of ensuring the cleanliness of an artificial turf may attract bacteria and other organisms that are harmful. Take note that the lawn is made of plastic and microorganism survive and live on this type of substance.

  1. It is artificial.

The look may appear as natural but synthetic grass will always be artificial. It will never transform to real lawn. It will end its purpose and still time will come that it will become dull and turn into an ordinary plastic.

Always be open to the both sides of a coin. Good things and bad thing may come along the way but look at the brighter side and there you will see the real beauty of it. So it pays to shop for synthetic lawn for garden available at Australian Synthetic Lawns and enjoy the benefits.