The Beauty And Style Of Homes Located In Different Countries


Although a house is a home, the models vary greatly between countries. The architectural styles are unique, and represent the corresponding countries beautifully. Inspiration can be found in the grace of homes around the world, thanks to HomeAdvisor.

Minka, Japan

These homes feature thatched, hooded roofs, cedar walls, and true Japanese craftsmanship. Charm is reflected in the local building materials, and Japan is represented beautifully.

Batak House, Indonesia

These homes have long, thatched roofs, and provide a cozy place for sleeping. The Batak tribe influenced the style with a philosophical value for each section. The human realm is the base floor, and the realm of the Gods is the roof.

Cape Cod Revival House, USA

English settlers created these homes in the 17th century, and they saw a comeback in the 1920’s. The Cape Cod home is symmetrical, has paneled windows, a steep roof, and wooden picket fencing.

Mar-del-Plata style House, Argentina

The stone facades brought fame to these homes, popular during the 20th centuries first half. European materials provided an atmosphere of wealth, and sophistication with gabled roofs, detailed metalwork, and blind dormers. For more details regarding the homes of the world, please visit

Tico House, Costa Rica

Tico homes feature low, peaked ceilings, cinderblock walls covered in plaster, and paint with bright colors. These homes are sociable, and cozy with a wooden bench placed on a covered porch.

Semi-Detached Victorian House, England

This Victorian home has a British flair, and were built for workers during the time of the British Industrial Revolution. The inspiration comes from iconic sash windows, high ceilings, and colored brickwork.

Musgum Mud Hut, Cameroon

These homes are elegant, made by placing mud over thatched reeds, geometric, have catenary arches, and exterior patterns often used as access routes. The design keeps the home cool during the summer.

Queenslander, Australia

These homes accommodate local conditions with expansive, large, and cool interiors. They are built with corrugated iron, and timber, feature outdoor verandas, central corridors, and face nature.

Jang Bogo Antarctic Research Station, South Korea

These are unique homes designed to save the environment. They are constructed from materials kind to the environment, withstand extreme weather, create energy from waste energy, and heat.

All countries have homes suitable for local conditions, with the style of the country shining through.




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