The Benefits of Oceanside Living

When choosing a place of residence, there are many things to take into account. A homeowner does not only need to think about the house itself, such as its size, sturdiness, or structure. They also should consider the location upon which the house is built.

In choosing where to settle down and live, a homeowner should carefully examine their options. They should look into the lifestyle of the places they are considering and the benefits of living there. They should even try to ascertain how it is affected by its surroundings.

With this in mind, it is easy to understand why so many people choose to live in houses that are close to the ocean. There is an old and long-standing belief that living by the ocean is beneficial to one’s health, and recent research suggests this might just be true.

When thinking about oceanside living, or even just the ocean, people tend to pay more attention to the harm that staying so close to this big body of water poses to their health. They think about how vulnerable you become to storms, floods, and tsunamis, or how polluted it is and how dirty it makes the air you breathe.

However, there is scientific research to back the claim that living by the ocean can benefit your health and wellbeing in a number of ways. Evidence of this has existed for as long as many doctors can remember, and studies have turned to experiments to prove their point, further giving credence to these theories.

Studies show that living by the ocean reduces stress and even promotes physical activity. People feel more at peace and even experience less pain by being near the ocean.


  • People who live along the coast tend to spend more time outdoors. Thus, they get more exercise even with just simple walks along the beach. They also get to have more sunlight, allowing them to absorb calcium better, fight hypertension, among other things.
  • There are a lot of things to do like surfing, swimming, or playing games like volleyball, football, or frisbee.  You can also just enjoy the outdoors, sunbathe or take long walks.
  • You become healthier and fitter due to the numerous outdoor activities that you can do.
  • It is easy to relax, unplug, and enjoy the calm with the zen-like sound of the waves crashing at your feet.
  • You can have a restful sleep every night.
  • Fresh seafood is available at any time.

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A good home need not be expensive, and looking for a good home need not be stressful. If you are considering a home near the ocean, don’t stress yourself any further. Should you get a house by the ocean? We think there are compelling reasons to do so.

An oceanside home is not only beautiful and pleasing to look at, but it also offers a wide array of benefits to your health. As mentioned above, scientific studies have indicated that being near the ocean soothes your mind and has a calming effect to help reduce anxiety. What better way to stay by the ocean than to live in a beautiful home?

A life by the ocean is a peaceful and less stressful life. It is one you can safely consider, and one that our friends  at Gloria Nilson Real Estate want to help you live.