The Best Baby-Safe Ways To Clean Carpet

You probably took the time to prepare your carpet ahead of your baby’s arrival. Now that your little bundle of joy is home and moving all around from room to room, you need to be aware of the effect your carpet might be having on him or her.

Your baby will likely spend a significant time on top of the carpeting throughout your home. Sitting, crawling, lying down, rolling back and forth, playing on it and putting items in his or her mouth that have also been on the carpet. As a result, you are also being very careful to keep your carpets as clean as possible.

Maybe you’ve considered hiring Carpet Cleaning Marietta, but you are concerned about the chemicals and other abrasive additives and ingredients contained in their commercial cleansers. In some cases, exposure to these things can be potentially hazardous to your baby’s health, comfort, and well-being.

So what are the best baby-safe ways to clean your carpet? In most instances, common preventive maintenance is your best option followed by non-toxic cleaning alternatives that can be just as effective as their acidic counterparts.

Keep it Clean

Sometimes the best baby-safe method for keeping the carpets clean is to simply prevent the dirt and grime from getting into the fibers of the carpet in the first place. Think about all of the ways that your carpet can get dirty, most of them involve the soles of our shoes. Consider all of the places where you walk with your shoes and all of the dirt particles, dust mites, and assorted gross contaminants that you carry with you.

You don’t want those things on your carpet and especially near the baby. So keep the shoes off the carpet and you will keep it clean.

Cleaning the Mess

Whether it’s the baby’s doing or you are responsible for that spill, the carpet is going to see some level of messiness. The crucial facet for keeping your carpet looking its best is to tend to any messes and accidents right after the occur. The longer you allow a spill or a mess to remain on the surface, the more likely you are going to see a stain.

Stains can be tough to remove and many of them require heavy solvents and cleansers to lift them from the carpet. So time is of the essence with a spill, which means you need to soak up the excess moisture with a towel or cloth. Do not wipe, but blot gently and thoroughly in order to get to the majority of the spill.

After that, you’ll need to clean the remainder that was left behind. Use a little warm water and common dish soap or white vinegar as a mild but effective non-toxic gentle cleaner that is safe for your baby. For those greasy stains, a little baking soda or cornstarch will do the trick. Just be sure not to allow the baby on the carpet until you have fully cleaned and/or vacuumed the spot that was affected.