The Best of Cleaning Services for You

The work is spread out on a wide front, with a variety of dirt in each room, scotch and nylon residues, patches of plaster, latex and cement, sandpaper, dried glue, and very, very dust.

Coping without help is sometimes very difficult, other times we just don’t have time for that. Here is the time to look for a professional cleaning company that will handle everything and will not miss the smallest detail in cleaning. There is another option to call a wiper that works independently. You can go for the cleaning services in scarborough now.

Cleaning after repair by a professional company or wiper? How are the two options different?

The wiper will save time but will only accomplish the task if it is a small area. For cleaning it will use the most common detergents, which will prove to be weak and less effective for this type of contamination. By hiring a person, we expect the work to be done qualitatively, but this cannot be done if the person has little experience.

The cleaning company will handle the task in the easiest way. The work process is as rational as possible they start from the farthest room and end at the entrance. The company acts quickly because it does not work for one person, but for an entire team, each specializing in a separate activity. We can be sure that they will collect the last dust from the construction dust, which is very important for homes with children and people with allergies.

The service after cleaning includes:

  • Collection of construction dust from all surfaces
  • Wash mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Washing windows, window sills and window frames
  • Dry cleaning of floors and walls
  • Wet cleaning
  • Removal of cement residues, adhesive, foam, paint

Cleaning after repair is carried out in several stages

The first step to perfect cleanliness is to remove all the rubbish from construction debris and remove dust from all objects.

In the second stage of cleaning after repair all traces of contamination with cement, paint, etc. are removed.

The third stage is the longest – dry and damp cleaning, window cleaning, furniture polishing and carpet cleaning. The result is a new interior and impeccable cleanliness.

The cleaning of the premises – apartment, shop, office, takes one to 3 days. It all depends on the area to be cleaned.

Do we want to clean ourselves without hiring a company?

Here are some helpful tips for repairing stains:

How to clean paint stains ourselves?

The dried latex is best removed with acetone. If the decorative floor covering will be affected by acetone, try water and a harder brush. Oil paint comes with a simple dishware or degreaser. For a quick clean of linoleum stains, treat them with vegetable oil beforehand. This will make the paint easier to separate and the linoleum surface to remain intact.

Remember that whatever means you use, you should first try it in a more hidden place. Some paint solvents can damage the coating layer on the surface. Water-soluble paints are easy to clean, especially if the stains are fresh. We can wash them with ordinary soap solution and then dry them. If the stain is old, you should first soften it with water or soap solution and remove it after 20-30 minutes. There are also special chemicals and solvents for paint, but why risk it, especially if there are children living in the home.