The Decorative Accent with a Natural Twist

Are you looking for the right types of decorative accents to add character and individuality to your home? You may be inclined to look for seemingly safe decorative choices rather than to make a bold choice that would truly differentiate your home from the homes of your friends and family members. While you need to make a decorative choice that is best suited for your specific needs and preferences, there are exceptional benefits associated with decorating a bedroom, living room or even home office with a cowhide rug.

The Right Style for Any Style
When you initially think about a home decorated with a cow skin material, you may envision a home that has a country or rustic ambiance. These decorative themes do look fabulous when cow skin is used as an accent piece but be aware that this material can also look amazing when it is used as an accent for many other types of décor. For example, consider how amazing a room with modern décor would look with a solid black rug, a solid white rug or even a mottled black and white cow hide rug. A smart idea is to use the Internet to look for inspiration on how this type of animal hide may be used to complement the decorative scheme in your home. These rugs are most commonly strewn across a floor, such as under a coffee table in a living room. However, they can also be used to decorate a large wall or even as a soft, unique throw over the sofa.

Perfect Colors for Any Room
Black and white are two of the more common color choices available for cow skin, but there are many other colors available to choose from as well. For example, many cows have a brown or even rusty look. Some have a beige, blonde or tan hue. You can find cow skins in each of these solid colors, but you can also find them with a speckled or mottled look. The emphasis may be on one of these colors, and the secondary color may be a standout accent color. Because most of these colors are neutral, you can expect them to look great with almost any colors that you are currently decorating with in your home. While they are neutral, the unique element of cow hide will make this neutral material a standout addition to your décor.

The Physical Features of Cow Hide
The physical features of a cowhide rug deserve a closer look before you decide to add this material to your home. You may think that the hair on a cow’s hide would easily come off of the skin or that the hide would show wear easily. One of the great things about this material is that it is extremely durable. The distinctive texture of the hairs adds charm and flair to your décor, and the material will be a lovely addition to your room for many years to come because of how hardwearing it is. Another reason why this material is a great fit for your home décor is because it is hypoallergenic. Many people suffer from indoor allergies, but you will not need to worry about an increase in respiratory symptoms when you bring this material into your home.

While a cowhide rug may not have been one of the decorative features that originally crossed your mind, you can see that this may actually be a wonderful addition to incorporate into your home. After researching decorative ideas with cow hides online, you may be inspired to start shopping for the ideal hide to use as a special accent.