The important role of the blower motor assembly – it helps your AC turn off

Determining If You Have a Faulty AC Sensor & How to Fix It If You DoWhen it comes to handling the issue with the AC about turning it on & off, the role of the blower assembly cannot be overlooked. More than this, you can try restoring the power supply before repositioning the assembly. Without paying attention to the assembly, you can get and keep in your mind that the AC will not turn off, and if you think so, you are mistaken. 

How to get started with the motor assembly?

How to get started with the motor assembly in the first place? The first thing you need to do is to check out something that it holds. The right answer is that it is the screws that you have to remove as the first thing you must do. It is important to make sure that the cabinet, fan blades, and circuit board are free from any kind of debris.

Many DIY enthusiasts fail to move the circuit board

In case these things are filled with debris, you can see your AC won’t turn off. You have to do things in the right way otherwise the AC won’t turn off. Many DIY enthusiasts fail to move the circuit board out properly and in the right direction and damage the system more than good, so you have to be careful before making such an attempt on your part. 


It is no secret that every person cannot repair or correct the faulty function of the AC, so rather damaging the system, even more, it is in your best interest to call an HVAC technician rather than suffering a for more financial loss than the money you think you can save by taking it as a DIY project. When dealing with the circuit to remove debris, you must make sure that all the wires are connected as they were.