The Keurig K-Cup Milk Frother is Not Just a Coffee Machine

My wife and I have been looking at the Keurig K-Cup machines for some time now. They are quite nifty little coffee makers, but after several tries we came to the conclusion that they did not have the features we wanted. The Keurig K-Cup has three different coffee pods and a funnel-like filter that is supposed to keep the grounds from rising and clogging up the machine.

We came across some great features that we didn’t realize we needed until we tried them. To begin with, there is an additional grinder that is always ready to go, no matter how full the main grinder is. This is a huge advantage because the Keurig will have less cleaning required, which is quite beneficial.

Next, we found out that the Keurig is a fantastic milk frother. It is the best milk frother on the market. We can froth two cups of cold milk in about ten seconds. In contrast, the Bosch Milk frother took over twice as long.

Keurig K-Cafe Review and Demo

We also discovered that the K-Cup milk frother was also the best choice for mixing hot and cold drinks. It doesn’t matter if you are having a cappuccino or a latte, this machine is going to do the job well. In fact, it is so simple to use that we actually recommend that people who love espresso make their espresso at home, rather than going to the local Starbucks.

There is another nice feature that we had to overlook. One of the little plastic nipples is supposed to attach to the spout in order to have a water reservoir. However, we didn’t know about this feature until one of our little children played with it for a minute. If this feature was known to us sooner, we probably would have purchased it sooner.

Finally, when we finally did buy the Keurig K-Cup, we realized that this is a superb coffee pod maker as well. The coffee pods are of top quality and they come in all kinds of flavors and sizes.

While the milk frother is one of the greatest features of the K-Cup, this machine does have one more feature that we really liked. You can add your own milk frothing tubes for any variety of beverages that you want to make.

This is a very cool feature that I think everyone should have. There are two basic types of milk froths: the French and the Americonee, and both of them work just fine. The other choice is the Earl Grey froth.

Keurig Milk Frother Review

The French variety is the one we prefer. It is not as foamy as the Americonee, but it’s foamy enough to give your coffee that extra something.

The one we are most familiar with, the French variety, also makes our favorite milk froths. If you haven’t tried them, you need to try them.

Our Keurig K-Cup has many great features that we like, but the milk frother does not rank quite as high. Still, it is the best option for frothing milk and it is also much less expensive than the others. We did, however, come across one other thing we liked.

The great thing about the Keurig machine is that it takes so much less effort than any of the others. It is a pleasure to use and we think that people who are looking for a coffee machine that they can use for a long time are going to be pleased with the Keurig K-Cup.