The Reasons why we love mini Kegerator

Kegerator is special refrigeration equipment for storing beer. There are kegs inside the device, which contain the drink. The name of the equipment “mini kegerator” originates from here. The main function of the device is to maintain the desired temperature of the beer. In addition, the device enables convenient filling.

Such equipment is installed in bars, restaurants, points where beer drinks are sold. And in order for the mini kegerator to serve for a long time and not create problems during operation, it must be of high quality. In our article you will find useful information on choosing a device. After all, they are different in type, functionality and size. It is difficult for a beginner to decide on a purchase.


Mini kegerator is an excellent modern device that keeps beer in proper condition for a long time. The installation of such a device frees entrepreneurs from purchasing additional refrigeration units. This approach not only saves money, but also space in the room.

Well, the main advantage of this apparatus is that beer retains all its original properties in it, which cannot be said about storage in ordinary refrigerators. For example, some elite varieties quickly lose their taste without proper storage conditions. And the internal structure of the mini kegerator is arranged in such a “smart” way that even after several days of storage, the beer remains fresh.

Kegerators are classified according to the following criteria:

By installation methods: top-rack and rack-mount.

According to the principles of cooling: flowing and dry.

By design features: stationary and collapsible.

To better understand which species to prefer, you should learn more about each.

Top-rack and rack-mount

According to the installation possibilities, two types of devices are distinguished. Their names speak for themselves: top-rack (placed on a rack or table) or rack-mounted (floor-standing). Floor-type mini kegerator are larger in size. They have high performance and the price is appropriate.

Top-rack – compact and easy to use. But they are only suitable for small bars or street beer outlets.

Flowing and dry

This classification is based on cooling methods. Flow-through devices are also called “water” ones, since ordinary water is used for cooling. They are reliable and easy-to-use devices. But there is a drawback – the cooling is very slow. You will have to wait for a cold drink for several hours after loading the kegs. But, despite this, this type of kegerator is very popular among entrepreneurs.


Dry-type devices are less in demand. But, most likely, this is due to their recent appearance. Users who have already purchased such kegerators find them more convenient than running ones. The dry operating principle is based on the functioning of a heat exchanger built into the mechanism. And the cooling of beer is several times faster. The cost of dry kegerators is slightly higher.

What to look for when choosing

In addition to the brand and model of the kegerator, it is important to determine in advance many nuances and take into account a number of characteristics:

  • Location of the device.If the area does not allow you to buy a floor-standing kegerator, you need to think about a top-mounted device. These models have low cost, lightweight construction.But also low productivity. Floor standing (pedestals) is more functional and powerful, but they should only be installed in large rooms.
  • Stationary or prefabricated type?The second option assumes easy transportation. If you need to move this will not be a problem.
  • Find out all the characteristics of the selected device. What is the maximum temperature, how long the product is kept in proper quality, the number of kegs, their volume, etc? For a large and medium bar with good traffic, it is advisable to install a kegerator with a capacity of 16 to 20 kegs. For smaller businesses, you can buy an inexpensive option with 4 or 8 kegs.
  • Keg layout inside the chamber also matters. Kegs will have to be pulled out and changed from time to time. This is a laborious task. It is necessary to choose a device with such a layout so that the containers can be conveniently removed.