The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Paving Slabs for Driveway  

Whether you are shifting to a new home or repairing the old one, if you need to spruce or beautify your driveway or add some classy note to your patio, AWBS paving slabs genuinely are your one-stop solution. 

There is a large variety of paving materials that you would find in various stores, and you could use the one that goes with your design and the idea that you had when visualizing regarding how you wanted to decorate the pavement. 

Here are a few tips that would help you select the best kind of paving slabs for all kinds of installation, whether patio, driveway, surfacing the pool, etc.

Look for Samples

Look out for samples from the various companies. This would give you an idea regarding the type of design that you would want to install. That is the first thing that you should do and collect as many as you can so that you get a wide exposure to a number of designs. Also, see what kind of visual effect a stone has when it is dry and wet. The chance is it could be a drastic one. 


You have to do your homework regarding the texture of the stone that you require. AWBS paving slabs come in different textures like the sleek and contemporary one or the one which gives a more antique vibe. Make sure that if you are going for the smooth stone that you do sealing so that there is no staining and thus any damage could be prevented. 

The thickness of the stone depends a huge deal on the place where you would be installing the stone. The thickness of the stone that would be used as a garden installation stone and the one that you would use on a driveway would be different. 

Natural or Concrete

This is quite a mind-boggling decision that you must take. Natural paving stones to make the place look more aesthetic and thus increases the beauty factor of that place. But concrete paving slabs help you save more and are way more cost-efficient. 

And therefore you have to more sure of what factors you are looking for when you are thinking about installing pavement slabs. But always remember that all kinds of paving stones are durable and cheap than other alternatives. 

These are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when you are thinking about installing paving stones. Consider them so that you do not have to replace them and they give you value for your money.