Things to consider before hiring professional Chimney Sweep services

The chimney cleaning process is very important aspect of every fire owning home owners duty to ensure effective smoke ventilation which not done correctly can result serious health concerns. With creosote deposits as well as soot accumulating over time in the chimney which can be a contributing factor to the obstruction of the chimney flume reducing air flow. Additionally creosote is highly flammable and has the potential to damage the inside of the flue lining and cause a chimney fire if not removed.

As it’s not an easy piece of cake to clean a chimney, one needs to hire a professional chimney sweep. Someone who’s profession it is to clean chimneys. It however can be harder than it seems in finding a new chimney sweep. With many may not be certified professionals and may not have the skills to clean the chimney sufficiently.

Chimney Sweep Oxford suggest a number of checks to carry out when considering a new chimney sweeping company.

Below are the points to consider before hiring a professional chimney sweep:

  • 1. Check for an Individual’s NFI certification:

Ask the individual if they are NFI certified before you allow them to enter your home. Some chimney sweep companies are certified but they often send the ones who do not hold the NFI certificates and are unskilled to work on the chimney, yet among such sweeps, some are knowledgeable. It’s little difficult to find the skilled one among them, that is why it is better to hire the one with an NFI certification.

  • 2. Cross check the Chimney Sweep ID card:  

Check if the person at your door is precisely from the same company that you hired. The professional chimney sweep wears an ID card, and it’s better to have a look on that. You can even check the vehicle from which the person has come, as professional chimney sweeps are generally given the company’s vehicle to go for services.

  • 3. Verify Insurance Coverage:

To know if the chimney sweep company is experienced and a well-established company in the industry and in your local area, you must check if they have liability insurance coverage or not. A professional chimney sweep company with insurance can protect you against the damages which could occur when the chimney sweep visits. If the company is not covered with insurance, you will be responsible for the damages that could be potentially be caused by an in proper sweep.

  • 4. On Time Service:   

Check if the company can provide you on time service or not. If the company is not sure about the time duration or which professional they are going to send at your home and the time they planned to be there then it is likely they are of poor planning, a key sign of an unprofessional company.

  • 5. Check References:  

Google the company you intend on using and search for customer reviews of the company you are considering on hiring on external sites such as Google My Business and Yelp.  Find out what their customers think of them and if the majority are satisfied with their service prior to hiring them as you chimney cleaning company. Alternatively ask the company over the phone for references, if a company can’t provide you with references it’s often a good indication of little returning customers which can indicate less than perfect customer care.