Think About Hiring a Cleaning Service to Clean Your Home or Apartment Weekly

Are you tired of cleaning your house or apartment.  Most women have been cleaning since they were in their late teens or early 20s. Perhaps you should call a service that can come once a week. They are experienced and the cost is not that expensive and well worth the money.


When you have a cleaner or maid service come to your home, you can rest assured knowing that they are reliable. Everything is right where it is when you left to run errands. And it all looks like new.


Not only do they do great work on a weekly basis but if you move out – they will come in and make sure you will get your entire security deposit back. Or perhaps you just signed a new lease, so get your service to come in and do what is called a deep- cleaning. They are the number one housekeeping provider no matter what you are booking them for

What they do – living room, bedrooms and common area

  • Dust all surfaces that are accessible;
  • Wipe all mirrors or glass fixtures;
  • Clean all floor surfaces as well as rugs;
  • Take out recycle and garbage.

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Wash as well as sanitize the toilet, shower, sink, and tub;
  • Dust all surfaces accessible;
  • Wipe down all glass fixtures and mirrors;
  • Clean all floor surfaces;
  • Take out recycles and garbage.

Kitchen cleaning

  • Dust down all surfaces;
  • Empty sink then load dirty dishes to dishwasher;
  • Wipe down exterior of oven, stove and refrigerator;
  • Clean all surfaces and the floor;
  • Take out garbage and recycling.


To get a clean that is deeper, contemplate adding one or more cleaning extras. Many cleaning extras add about 30 minutes of time and cost to your booking.

  • Inside and outside fridge;
  • Inside and outside oven;
  • Inside and outside cabinets;
  • Laundry wash & dry;
  • Interior windows

You will get so spoiled, but it is well worth the price you pay.