This Is Versatility: Polypropylene Carpets In Different Examples

But instead of enjoying those advantages in a monotone tone, polypropylene rugs offer variety, textures, and a lot of versatility. Did we already say it?

Unimat will illustrate all this with these examples of what polypropylene vinyl rugs can do for your floors. All of them and many more are in our polypropylene carpet catalog.

1 Classic-modern polypropylene rug

This polypropylene rug offers us a design that is classic and modern at the same time. Classic due to the neutral tone and the uncomplicated design, in a sober and calm composition. But modern for its straight lines and minimalist texture.

Up here, you can see it in action (well, action is a saying) in a modern bedroom with neutral tones.

On the other hand, here next door, you see her moonlighting in the kitchen, a habitat in which polypropylene rugs feel at home.

And do not be surprised that it is also in the kitchen and the bedrooms and living rooms because these rugs are waterproof and can be cleaned with a damp cloth, without going any further. This model has a braiding of about 4 mm thick, and it looks fragile but slightly padded when stepped on.

A perfect synthesis of a practical and colorful rug, between classic and modern, or rather, both at Sisal or vegetal style polypropylene carpet

  1. Polypropylene sisal carpet

Vegetable or sisal rugs are very natural and cozy, although their weak point is the delicate maintenance, not to mention the price, relatively high as a rule.

And this is where the malleability and flexibility that we talked about before comes into play, which allows you to braid polypropylene rugs with a thousand different textures.

This rug has a thicker braid than the previous one. The braiding is thick and defined so that it stands out and imitates that type of vegetable rugs. It looks more like a tatami than a rug and is warm and inviting in both natural color and neutral gray.

It is a model that can be used both for homes and for beauty and aesthetic salons, spas, or similar, always providing warmth and texture. And with the advantage that it is not delicate at all, but very resistant and durable.