Tips for Choosing a Good Building Company

Like most things in life, cheap tend not to last. There are occasions when cheap and disposable is good. However, when it comes to building your dream house longevity is what you want. Bad workmanship, unintuitive design, and shoddy materials will cost you in the long run. Not just financially.  Without a doubt, there will be a lot of stress involved watching your home fall apart and having to go through the repair process.

Do Your Homework

Narrowing down the search for a good building company can seem daunting initially. There are so many companies around! There is no other way but to do your homework. Word of mouth is always a sound way to find out what’s what – Nothing better than hearing it from the lions’ mouth so to speak.  Looking locally is always a better choice. Working with a building company based many miles away can make communication difficult. In the first instance look locally. Still nothing of interest, spread your wings from there.

Interview Time

Once you have a short list of builders it is time to start the interviews! Do not be afraid to ask question or to ask to see their work. Portfolios can be very impressive but seeing their work first hand is the best.  This is a huge investment of your time and money. If they do not want to take the time to answer your questions or show you their work, it’s perhaps a good idea to move onto the next one. If they are like this at the quote stage, it does not bode well for the build stage when you almost certainly will have questions.

Good Communication

A builder that takes time to answer (or evades it) will cause nothing but frustration in the long run. You want to feel that your project is as important to them as it is to you – Not just another brick in their wall! An experienced builder knows this and will be happy and able to answer your questions promptly and professionally. After all, you are not a builder which is why you are hiring them! It is your money and you are entitled to know where it’s going. Do not be afraid to ask. Stay clear of those builders who do not answer your questions clearly. It could be they either do not care enough or are not able too – neither of which is good news.

Fact Finding

Most reputable builders will be able to provide a quote and timeline promptly. If they use sub-contractors find out who they are and what exactly their relationship with them is. How long have they worked with them? Is their work assured? What happens if that work is not to standard?

Building your dream home can be challenging. To ensure you get what you want as smoothly as possible take care who you walk that road with! Price is always an issue but remember that workmanship, good communication and quality materials take time and money. Do your research, get some no obligation quotes, ask the right questions and this will make your journey easier – Guaranteed!