Tips For Modern Facades For Houses

Today, we consider that the facade of a home is of utmost importance since it is the impact of the first impression of a structure, where architecture, design, the functional proposal of the space and stylistic affiliation in each project stand out.

It is necessary to note that the perception of a home begins with the facade. A magnificent facade constitutes the beginning of a spatial and functional experience with ample taste and sophistication.

In the framework of the design of facades for small houses, we find some elements that we present for your interest:

  1. Compositional And Technical Quality Of Bioclimatic Facades

A bioclimatic house is one that, through its architectural configuration, is capable of compensating the needs of its inhabitants concerning the conditions of the environment, taking advantage of natural resources.

The implementation of the bioclimatic concept in the design of the facade of a house implies the analysis of the specific determinants of the place, to generate the appropriate system that ensures the temperature and perfect ventilation, and the conditions of natural lighting appropriate.

  1. Composition of Green Facades

Currently, landscape architecture proposes to adopt a construction internally to its exterior, offering a design alternative that complements the operation, style and quality of the home’s facade.

The composition of facades with green areas generates spaces for nature to interact with the built element, allowing the user to explore the garden or open spaces, and observe details of interest that add a modern touch to any renovation. The choice of sacred plants indoor (ไม้ มงคล ใน ร่ม, which is the term in Thai) requires a detailed study of environments and direct exposure of such vegetation to the environment.

  1. Smart Facades

For a facade to become a smart structure, it requires the systematic interaction of the design proposal, the technique and the material, with the environment to make efficient use of resources and respond to the changing demands of the environment.

Thanks to the implementation of new technologies in the development of the current architecture, optimized rational use of natural resources can be made with a decrease in the negative impact on the environment.