Two Storey Home Advantages

When building a new house for your family there are so many different aspects that are involved that it can be a difficult choice to decide between building a one or two storey house. If you are interested in having a two-storey house built but are unsure, keep reading.

Block Size

The size of your land block is one of the most critical determining factors when deciding between a one or two storey home plan. If your block of land is small and you don’t want to have a small one storey house you can build up. When a two-storey is built on a narrow block it increases the amount of room for having a large backyard.

As knockdown rebuilds have continued to grow and land being divided as a result, it has created numerous narrow front and small lot blocks, especially in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs. That is why it is necessary to have a two-storey design to make use of the limited amount of land space that is available.

As land and house prices also continue to increase in cost, along with the limited number of larger blocks that are available and the need to stick with the budget, there has been an increase in popularity for double-storey homes.

Block Location

Where your block of land is located is a significant factor in whether you decide to build a one or two storey house. For example, in locations where there are bay or city views, a double-storey house can capitalize on that.

Also, as they have become increasingly popular, many of the new 2 storey home plans are quickly becoming what is referred to as a reverse or upside-down living home, where the bedrooms are downstairs, and the entertaining and living areas are located on the second floor. It is designed to take advantage of the beautiful views from the available side, rear, or front outlooks.


Double-storey houses are not always twice the cost of single-storey houses. When a second story is added the total cost usually only goes up by another 15-30%.

Another factor that needs to be considered when budgeting for a new house is that for the same size of floor space, a double-storey can work out to be less expensive overall compared to one storey. That is because when a single storey house is built, a bigger block of land is required, the additional premium might exceed the extra costs of building a second storey.

Bigger Backyard

A double-storey house maximizes the surrounding space, to give more room for the backyard along with an alfresco area that your pets or kids can play in. You might also be able to build the swimming pool that you have always dreamed of, to prepare for summer, depending on what your budget is.

This factor needs to be carefully considered because if you choose to build a big one-story house, most likely it will be at the expense of your backyard space.

Design and Layout

In terms of the layout that you want from your house, a double-storey might provide more options to you since you are better able to separate spaces from one another. You may have teenagers who want to have privacy, so your living arrangement should be considered and have the master bedrooms and living areas located upstairs, separate from the teen retreat or guest bedroom located downstairs. When you can design the bedroom and living areas across two floors, it makes it very easy to create distinct separate spaces to meet many different lifestyle requirements.

When you build up instead of sprawling out, it gives you more floor plan idea options and also opens the door to entirely new design elements, enhancing a two-storey home design’s key features. Imagine a grand entrance that encompasses a magnificent staircase that flows up to the second floor, and taking advantage of windows that are strategically placed for natural light and beautiful views that can be provided by a two-storey house.