Upgrades That Increases Your Condo’s Market Value

Are you looking to renovate your condo? Well, before you undertake any condo renovations you should contact the local condo association and ask for the rules in place for any condo improvement or renovation project.

There may be requirements in place to prevent projects that can affect the owner’s or neighbour’s property. In the meantime, read the 5 upgrades that increase your condo’s marketing value:

1. Double Sinks

If the sink in your condo home is a single sink, you can upgrade the quality with a double sink that will make the kitchen more appealing and functional. Double sinks will enhance the functionality of the kitchen. This is a condo renovation that is worth undertaking to make the kitchen more functional.

2. Lighting Upgrades

As part of the condo renovation, you can upgrade the lighting fixture and lamp in your condo. Upgrading the lighting system to LED replacement lamps will improve the lighting system and save energy used for lighting in the home. Also, install LED lamps; they are rated to last for about 100,000 hours, which will help to maximize energy efficiency. You can install modular light switches to the condo more attractive. This is a very rewarding renovation that will unavoidably produce maximum benefits.

3. Condo Living Room Renovation

The living room is the meeting spot for the family. You also need to make it attractive in addition to making it as comfortable as possible. The list of decoration options is endless. You can create a gallery wall where you display all your pictures, hang portraits, and other decorative items.

4. Design Accents

In addition to lighting upgrades, you should take down advantage of several other home improvement projects to raise the level of functionality and aesthetics of your condo for maximum benefits. Installing large pendant lights, chandeliers, hanging light fixtures, oversized mirrors, etc. are a way to add interest to a condo to make the space look larger and more appealing.

 5. Wood Flooring

Flooring options are many and not limited to tile. To complement a newly renovated bathroom, choose wood flooring. Varnishing the floor will protect it from moisture and water damage. However, you can use faux wood or ceramic tile and laminate flooring that has the look of a real hardwood floor. You will boost the overall appeal of your bathroom and enhance the value of your condo.