Use Door Handles and Knobs to Make Your Doors Look Good

Door handles orcan be an essential part of your home or office. Of course they have a practical use, however, they are also able to add a great look and feel to the overall interior of your home or office. Whether it is your bedroom door handle, living room, dining room, bathroom or kitchen cabinet handles, nothing will make your room look as good as an attractive door knob or handle.

Since door handles have become an interior design’s fashion statement, they have been widely used to add glamour and glitz to your home and office space.

Internal and External Door Handles

In a broad sense, there are only two types of door handles. External or outdoor handles and interior or indoor handles. The exterior handles are used on the main entrances into the home or office, like the front door, side door, back door or service door. Interior handles are used on doors within the home or office space, like room door or cabinet doors. External latches and lever-type door handles are now one of the most popular types of external door knobs and handles. Here are some of the most popular types, styles, and designs for door handles:

  • Contemporary door knobs and handles
  • PVS door knobs and handles
  • Classic door handles on rose
  • Stainless steel T-bar handles
  • Glass door knobs and handles
  • PVC door handles on plate
  • Victorian lever-handled door knobs on rose
  • Traditional Mortice door knobs
  • Black antique door knobs
  • Rim door knobs
  • Centre door knobs

Traditional vs. Contemporary

Many modern homeowners prefer to use contemporary door handles on their room and cabinet doors. These beautiful handles have straight modern lines and come in attractive finishes like chrome. Still, there are others who like to have a traditional style handle on their doors with antique brass finishes and attractive back plates.

Fancy Door Handles

There are many different types of door handles, including pink door knobs that would be great for a little girl’s room. You can also find door knobs decorated with cartoon designs that would please any kid. And if you love food you can use a door handle in your kitchen with fruit embellishments.

Kitchen Door Handles

If you want to have a well-designed kitchen, you can find many accessories that can help in making your kitchen more organised and improve its appearance. There are kitchen cabinets designed with sliding trays, dividers, and other organisers. When looking for door handles for your kitchen, you want to make sure it matches the style of the room. You should look for Twister T-Handle, Hammered Bow handles Shell handles, Cage handles and Hammered knobs with a back plate.

Types of Materials Used in Door Knobs and Handles

Door handles can be made from various materials including metal sheet, cast brass, wood and sheet aluminium alloy. Door handles made from brass may be finished in nickel, chrome plate or copper. It can also be antique or bright satin finished. Sheet aluminium alloy handles can be finished in a dyed, satin bright, matte or natural finish.

The metal sheet handles might have a stove enamelled finish, copper oxidised or both. Wooden door handles may have a lever latch with ornate or intricate carvings on a base plate. Many people prefer to buy door handles made from metal or brass for their long lasting use.

The Colour and Design of the Door Handle to Match the Style and the Interior

While selecting a door handle, make sure the colour and designs match the overall style of your home or office. It is very important to have the finishes and styles match. Some of the most widely used finish in door handles are Stainless Steel, Stainless Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished brass, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass and Florentine Bronze.

In other words, the colour, pattern and style of the door handles, spy holes, knockers, latches, fitting and fixtures should be similar. This should be given careful consideration when you select the door handles for your exterior and interior doors.