What a Skip Hire Company in Guildford Considers Before Quoting the Price for Hiring their Skip

When Guildford households need to hire a skip, they often go to a skip hire company. Such companies have to consider a lot of variables in order to give each customer a price that accurately reflects the cost of hiring their skips. So, these companies know that not everyone will get the same price quote. Here’s what every company considers before quoting a Skip hire price in Guildford.

The Size of Your Skip

The size of your skip depends on the amount of junk you need to dispose of. The larger the skip, the more you will have to pay. Skip hire companies in Guildford generally provide skips with a capacity from 1 – 40 cubic yards.

A general rule when hiring a skip is that for every ton in weight, one cubic yard of space is required in the skip. If you’re unsure about what size skip would be best for you, speak with your chosen company and they will advise based on their knowledge and experience as well as taking into account any restrictions or regulations in place at your chosen site.

Your Location

The distance between your location and that of a skip hire company will affect the skip hire price in Guildford. If it is in a remote area, then there may be additional costs involved with getting the skip to you. This could include extra travel time or increased fuel costs for vehicles/transport (these are likely to be passed on as an increase in price). Additionally, if you are in a city centre or other busy area, it can be hard for companies to find suitable places to put their skips. This is because they are often limited by traffic regulations or simply do not have enough space available at their premises.

The Duration For Which You Will Use the Skip

The duration for which you will hire the skip is an important factor when it comes to determining how much your skip hire price in Guildford will be. If you are only going to use the skip for a short duration, then expect to pay less than if you were hiring it for a long period of time. The cost per day will vary as well, depending on whether or not your project is small or big. It’s recommended that you decide on the duration of time before placing an order so that there are no surprises later on.

If circumstances change and you need to extend the length of time necessary for your project, talk with your supplier about whether this would be possible and what additional charges might apply if so. If they do not allow extensions, then perhaps another supplier may be willing to accommodate such requests without any extra fees attached.

Accessibility to the Location Where You Want the Skip Placed

As a rule, skip hire companies in Guildford will not be able to drive onto private property for the placement of the skip. Instead, you need to find out if you need a permit for the location where you want the skip placed. This is because some locations require that skips be placed at certain distances away from buildings and trees so as to prevent damage by strong winds or heavy rains.

If there are no restrictions on where you can place your skip and it is safe for your contractor to access this location, then there are no further considerations that need to be made before quoting their price.

What Kind of Waste You Want to Dispose Of for Hiring a Skip

Before you hire a skip, you should check what kind of waste you want to dispose of. For example, if it is green waste, it will cost less than hiring a skip for disposing of industrial waste.

Another factor that will affect the price is how long you need to keep the skip on your property. If it is just for a few days then the price will be lower than if it stays on site for months.

The Permit for the Location on Which You Want the Skip Placed in Guildford

The permit for the location on which you want the skip placed in Guildford is required by all skip hire companies, as they cannot place their skips on public roads without it. The permit is issued by your local council and can be obtained from them directly. It is usually free of charge and remains valid for up to 2 weeks. The cost of the permit varies depending on your location. So, when determining skip hire price in Guildford, every company will consider the cost of acquiring a permit.


Before you start your home improvement project, you should make sure that you are prepared to dispose of the waste. If you have a plan in place and know how much rubbish will be produced by your project, then it is easier for a skip hire company to provide an accurate quote.