What Are Cheaper Alternatives To Humidors?

In the event your cigars are correctly kept to keep them clean and safe, they will be fine. In addition to this, if there’s some humidification apparatus inside the humidor which is regularly maintained, odds are they aren’t likely to dry. I guess the actual question is: what sort of humidification apparatus is ideal for me? If that’s the question, allow me to at least show you crown humidors, one of the ultimate sites selling the best gear first! It makes quite a difference from eg:

Water Pillows
Whether you’re the sort of person that likes to keep matters ultra-simple, somebody that wants the bare minimum, or simply somebody that would rather invest more your hard-earned cash in cigars instead of humidification apparatus, water cushions are likely your very best choice. They can normally be picked up at about a dollar a bit and work really nicely. I used water pillows for decades with fantastic success and several of my cigar smoking friends use them also. They operate on precisely the exact same assumption as gel bead apparatus you’d get with new sneakers, but in lieu of the moisture beads being encapsulated inside a plastic container, they’re in a pillow-shaped tote with vents on either side. Scrub the pillow in plain water or PG solution and drop it in the “pillowcase.” Although cheap and simple, the downside to these is they often grow mold within the bag since they don’t have an anti-mold inhibitor inside them, so that’s something to take into account. Use 1 pillow for each 50 or so cigars, and you’ll most likely be all set.

Boveda Packs
Following years of recharging gel bead apparatus and water cushions, something came along that changed the whole way I look at humidifying my own cigars. No longer soaking squares or cushions in plain water, no longer wondering when I had been overly-humidifying my own cigars, no longer overthinking things! Ultimately, something came together that left the humidification debacle easy!

The idea is straightforward, but the tech is outstanding. 1 disposable device that may last as many as two weeks at one time and self-regulates the humidity inside the humidor. Here is how it works, as best as I can explain itBoveda packs (previously called Humidipaks) come in a wide array of calibrated humidity levels, from 65% all the way around 75%. Each Boveda package includes a gel of types. The outer panels of this bunch are membranes that allow humidity to emerge and return to it. It is actually like magic! 2-way humidity management out of a disposable, cheap item. Who’d have thought?

On top of that, you don’t ever need to think about over-humidification! In theory, an individual could place an infinite number of packs at a humidor, and also the 2-way system will stop your cigars from becoming too moist. Not only do I constantly suggest these to my buddies, but I also have been using them for ages. I strongly urge anyone using a humidor to provide Boveda Packs an attempt.