What Are Master Key Systems And Why It’s A Good Idea To Get One

When you’re consulting with your locksmith for your business, one of the first things you need to talk about is setting up a master key system. Security is very important when it comes to business and you want to be able to control everything. This is where the master key system comes.

A master key system allows you to have a key that will open all the doors in your business. It will also allow each of these doors to have their own individual keys. This means that while rooms in your business get their own privacy, it is possible for you as the owner of the master key to override that privacy when an emergency comes up. This is an important thing if you’re a landlord or need a department open on a holiday but the key holder is absent.

How It Works

Master key systems are a great piece of lock design. Most locks nowadays function as cylinder locks. This is because in this type of lock, a key turns a cylinder which is connected to a cam. In one direction, the cam pulls in the bolt to open the door, while the other direction releases the bolt and locks the door in place.

Normally, a certain sequence of pins needs to be met for the lock to turn. This is how normal keys operate. They are inserted into a lock and the pins are pushed to a certain level so that the cylinder can turn. Some locks can be designed to work with two different keys. In these instances, there is a third pin inside the lock which is called the master wafer.

With three pins, there are two ways to move the pins in position. The normal key would be able to push the pins to a certain level to unlock the door, while the master key would be able to push the pins so that they would be at the level of the master wafer. Both positions unlock the door.

Why Get It

After all that, why should you be pursuing the use of a master key system? There are several reasons why you should opt to install one:

Convenience. As the business owner, you can open every door in your establishment and lock them, too. This is great for closing and opening time.

Security. This allows you to segregate your security needs. You can parcel out the keys to your employees – but you still retain master authority when needed. No need to worry about employees entering areas you don’t want them into – unless you give them the key for it or give them access. It also limits the effectiveness of duplicate keys which can be used to steal from you.

Cost-effective. This is a lot cheaper for your business than opting for electronic or high-tech options. Master keys just need you to change the lock with no additional expensive hardware.

Be Secure In Your Mastery

Take control of your business with a new master key system. Have one installed and be ensured of your security.

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