What Are The Advantages Of Having The Right Mat In High Traffic Areas?

Remember the establishments you usually go to, have you noticed that practically all of them have a personalized doormat or office entrance mats at the entrance and in areas with large flows?

Pharmacies, gyms, stores, shopping malls, residential or commercial buildings. All these businesses have a doormat in the hall, in the corridors and elsewhere. Have you ever wondered why?

It is not only for the aesthetic and decorative benefit that companies have rugs in areas of greater flow. This accessory has other functions that help activities a lot.

Maintain Hygiene And Cleanliness Of The Environment

The image of an establishment is very important. Imagine you enter a dirty market, with footprints all over the corridors, dust and stains on the floor. This will probably impact your purchase decision.

You can even buy at that moment, if you need it a lot, but you will hardly ever go back there, because you have a negative image of the company.

Therefore, one of the main advantages of the personalized rug is that it contributes to the cleanliness and conservation of the place’s hygiene. This is because this accessory retains most of the dirt and impurities in the shoes of people who come from outside.

According to research by the BST / ISSA-USA Laboratory, with a traffic of one thousand people per day, about 100 grams of dirt per day and up to 2 kilos in rainy days can enter its environment.

This way, incoming customers do not bring too much dirt inside. Especially considering locations with a high concentration of dust and / or rainy days, where the footwear gets dirtier.

Ensure the safety and well-being of people

In addition to contributing to the internal cleaning of the establishment, personalized carpets and doormats are essential for the safety of individuals. The reason is simple: they avoid slips.

It may seem trivial, but it is very important to take care of this type of accident. There are different types of floors, just as there are different types of shoes. Not to mention the weather conditions that can influence, like a rainy day that makes everything smoother.

A non-slip mat right at the entrance of a company and also in high traffic areas greatly reduces the likelihood of this type of accident.

Strengthens The Company’s Visual Identity

You have probably heard the phrase “those who are not seen are not remembered”. Well, marketing uses several mechanisms to make a brand stick to consumers’ memories.

One of these ways is to strengthen the visual identity of the company, so it is important to have a personalized rug as it is he who will “receive” your client and / or business partner.

Therefore, in addition to keeping your environment clean and safe, another function of the doormat rug is to strengthen your corporation’s marketing.