What are the Different Types of Window Treatments?

Window treatments are covers of the window to enhance the aesthetics of the window and the room. Various window treatments available can be categorized into hard and soft treatments.

  1. Hard Treatments

Hard window treatments comprise or made of hard materials. Several options are available on the market.

  1. Soft Treatments

These are treatments made of soft materials. 

Each classification of treatments offers a unique experience and delivers different purposes. Read this article further to know 5 types of window treatments you can use for your replacement window.

  1. Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

This type of window treatment features a full-length curtain hung on the window from the ceiling down to the floor. This helps to create a dramatic feeling in the room. Colourful curtains can be used over the window to create an engaging backdrop and shout out natural light completely. The perfect material for this type of window treatment is velvet. It creates a sense of warmth, energy, and fullness.

  1. Farmhouse Shutters

Farmhouse shutters are a perfect window treatment to bring back old memories. They are the typical shutters commonly found in farmhouses. They are used to control access to light. Besides, farmhouse shutters are perfect for providing privacy. The shutters are made of wood.

  1. Textured Grommet

The textured grommet is a modern window treatment to create a more contemporary space. The textured grommet provides a complete covering for the window. It offers flexibility and control of light into the room. Also, it enhances privacy as well as adds interest to the window and the entire wall. You can choose the colour that will complement the colour theme of the room for a more appealing view.

  1. Traditional Pleated Beige

This type of window treatment makes the space cozy and stylish. The curtain drops from the ceiling to the floor and covers the roof to the floor. It covers the entire window. It is best suited for privacy and control of light. Besides, the traditional pleated beige curtains also can be used as the focus of attention by choosing a warm colour textile to make the room visually appealing.

  1. Tall Curtains

These are a fantastic way to create contrast and illusion of a bigger room. The tall drapes create interest in the room and serve as a referencing point, where the Interior decor can be inspired. When combined with the right carpet and bedding, the window treatment creates a peaceful interior. Also, the overall feeling of the house softens up.

Window treatments are important because their function goes far beyond their elegant look. Adding window treatments to your windows can add privacy and regulate sunlight. Therefore, once your windows and doors company has installed your replacement windows, you should be considering what type of window treatment fits the design of your home.