What are the signs of a home window replacement?

Windows and doors play a crucial role in the levels of comfort and the energy efficiency of a home. Given that, if the windows and doors are damaged or outdated, these features will be seriously affected, which makes replacing them unavoidable.

Meanwhile, it is good to note that windows do not get damaged easily or quickly, their quality gets degraded over time. As a result, you should look for the following signs to know that your home needs windows replacement:

1. Physical Damage

The first sign of a home window replacement is visible damage to the windows. A damaged window will break completely eventually and leave the home to the effects of the harsh weather. Your home will be vulnerable to water seepage, mould, mildew, pests, and security breach. After noticing physical damage to windows and doors, the best thing is to replace the damaged windows immediately.

2. Drafty Windows

When your windows allow drafts into the home, they have been compromised and need to be replaced. Drafty windows make a home lose its energy efficiency because outdoor air will be entering the house. The effect of this is that the effort to keep the home cool or warm is jeopardized. The home will not be very comfortable. Besides, drafty windows and doors will hurt the HVAC system, which will work harder to meet the home temperature at the preset level.

3. Higher Electric Bills

If you notice that the electric bills in your home keep increasing significantly without any explanation, your windows and doors are most likely the reason for it. The most possible explanation for the increase is the drafts overriding the interior temperatures of the home, forcing the HVAC system to work harder and use more electricity than normal. The HVAC system will also have a shorter life span if the damaged windows are not replaced early.

4. Condensation Inside The Windows

When there is condensation forming inside the panes of the windows, it indicates that there is air leakage caused by the failure of the airtight seal on the windows. As a result, the insulating gas filled in between the panes has escaped. Check your windows for condensation if you have double or triple-pane windows in your home.

5. Faded Furniture and Carpet

Another sign of a home window replacement is that the colours of the furniture, carpet, rug, drapes, and decor in your living room will look faded. This shows that the windows can no longer protect your home again ultraviolet light. The UV rays pass through your windows and enter your home.


Take note of the above signs and check your home critically to see if your windows and doors need to be replaced already. Remember good windows and doors are crucial to your comfort and safety. Replace damaged windows today.