What are the Stages in a Commercial Construction San Jose

Undertaking a commercial construction building is a difficult task and involves multiple challenges along the way. The steps to complete the project may change depending upon the details and the length of the project. However, the process remains the same in every commercial construction San Jose.

The basic phase starts with planning and development. Then comes the design options along with the pre-construction phase. The next levels involve procurement, construction, and finishing of the project.

Learn more in this article about the stages involved in a commercial construction.

Planning and Development

First and foremost step involved in a commercial construction San Jose is planning and to develop the commercial building. The next steps followed are the initial stages, and hence it is pivotal to have open mindedness to combat difficult situations.

In this stage, developers or the contractor’s must point every detail along with the finding the right solutions of the problems.


After finalizing the cost setup and the right location for construction, all the other job details should come under the design phase. This stage also involves hiring the right resources to provide the commercial construction San Jose a proper shape. This stage also involves all the team members including the developer and the contractor should be on same page.


The pre-construction phase involves certain requirements such as clearance from building authorities, insurance coverage, and setting up a team. It is obtained only after submitting the design and drawing to the local building authorities for commercial construction San Jose. Then the contractor needs to obtain the insurance coverage.

The benefit of obtaining an insurance coverage is that it helps in protecting the stakeholders in cases of accidents and mishaps. The insurance policy risk covers the major aspects like worker’s compensation, builder risk insurance, and general liability for the developer.


The procurement phase in a commercial construction San Jose involves services, equipment, and acquiring of labor services to complete the construction. Besides, the developer or the contractor needs to provide the construction specifications along with the cost.

However, the supply of materials and workforce depends upon the size of the building and the timeline to complete the project.






This is where the magic happens. The construction phase involves transformation of a vacant site to construction of an ethereal beauty. The Project Manager starts the construction after gathering his team, determining work hours, materials storage, and quality of the construction.

However, the Project Manager marks the start of construction phase after determining the design and functionality of the building.


The finishing stage involves final touches to the construction phase. This stage also requires fixing up of minor problems in the building structure. For quality control, the Project Manager may also conduct multiple inspections before issuing the Completion Certificate.