What Benefits Are There To Replacing Your Old Windows?

Homeowners will often replace windows on their homes as a way to achieve any number of goals. For some it’s about improving the look and feel of the home, for others it’s an ideal method for updating the functionality of the windows themselves. Even more will cite greater energy efficiency as their reason for replacement window installation Richmond.

But this type of home improvement project can make many of these homeowners feel intimidated by the sheer size and scope of the work that is typically performed during these jobs. Any home makeover of this sort offers many benefits to the homeowner. Not only can they enjoy the advantages we’ve already mentioned above, but they may also decide to have these makeovers done in consideration of the condition of their current windows.

As windows age they can start to break down and that can drive down the value of the home while damaging the curb appeal of the property at the same time. Old windows are ugly because they might have cracked or fractured panes of glass. Their frames are often faded and chipped and sometimes they’ve shifted in place.

When that occurs, you’re also dealing with leaks that come from spaces and gaps between the frame and the space in your home’s exterior. As a result your windows are no longer energy efficient and you’ll soon see the difference in your energy costs.

For some older windows, that lack of energy efficiency comes from an inability to close all the way as they once used to. The mechanisms that operate the windows may no longer be operating as they used to either and when your windows just aren’t working correctly, a repair may not be enough. The window might be too far gone and it will need to be replaced.

If any of this describes the current state of your windows, it may be time to replace them. When you do, you can expect to enjoy all of these benefits:

Ward Off the Elements

Good windows are designed and manufactured to withstand the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. Rain, wind, snow, sleet, even high winds should be little to no match against reliable windows. But when they get old and start to fail at the most basic purposes for which they were installed, you can start to see the results in the form of water damage and higher utility bills.

Where the former is concerned, leaky windows are more likely to allow precipitation to trickle in and settle in your walls and the wood structure of the home. That can lead to discoloration, a weakening of the wood through rot, and the development of mold and mildew growth. All of these things can be pretty significant and you will need to repair them, to the tune of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you live in a region of the country that sees higher that average levels of rainfall or snow, you can bet those old windows are going to leak and the water will seep inside.

The weather isn’t the only thing getting in either. Old windows can also allow higher concentrations of noise pollution to bother you and your family. Homes that are located near high traffic roads and busy thoroughfares will hear all of the sounds associated with these areas more often. Noisy neighbors and loud nearby facilities can also drive you crazy on a regular basis. If you have a newborn baby in the house, the nursery won’t be all that peaceful and the baby will wake up a lot more often.

But replacing your old windows with newer options will prevent all of the outside environmental nuisances from getting into your home because they provide improved insulating properties and better protection from the elements.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Leaky and rickety windows are going to be drafty and breezy, allowing for outside air to get in and, more importantly, your inside air to escape. In the case of the latter, you’re paying good money to make your home comfortable when the temperature outside reaches extreme highs and lows.

But if all of that air is getting out, you’re going to be forced to run your heating and cooling system much longer than you would normally if your windows were doing what they were supposed to and preventing that air from getting out. At the end of the day, the money you’re spending in order to get comfortable is going to increase dramatically.

Window glass is also a concern when it comes to energy efficiency. It’s no secret that glass is a lousy insulator, air can easily pass through on either side making it tougher to regulate the temperature to comfortable levels in the home.

That’s another benefit of window replacement – lower energy costs. Installing new windows can reduce your energy bills by nearly 15% annually. Not only are they more efficient in that you won’t have to worry about gaps and leaks in and around the frames of the windows, but most replacement windows now come equipped with double and triple pane options. Inert gases are injected in between the panes to form a barrier that makes it extremely difficult for air to pass through.

More panes, along with the gas, can increase the energy efficiency of your windows far beyond the single pane that is probably located inside your current windows.

Higher Home Values

Perhaps the most advantageous reason why people replace the windows in their homes is because they can see a return on their investment, as much as 90% when they sell the home. So you’re doing more than just improving the curb appeal, functionality, and energy efficiency of the home, you’re also increasing it’s value should you decide to resell in the future.

We all like to save money but we also like to see a sizable return on our investments. A window replacement project offers some of the highest ROI among the most popular improvement projects and makeovers that are performed most often in homes across America.