What Exactly is European Style Furniture

If you’re a little unsure of the types of furniture which are classed as European style furniture, simply continue reading to discover 4 types of European furniture, that you may be interested in incorporating into your home!

4 stylish types of European furniture, which may suit your décor:

  1. Scandinavian style furniture

Scandinavian furniture companies are world renown for offering modern, sleek pieces that will appeal to a wide demographic of furniture hunters. As an example, the Swedish company IKEA, offers a variety of wood kit set tables, chairs and beds, which will look just as stylish and tasteful in a dorm room as they would in a two story, family home in the suburbs. If you minimalism, it’s also worth checking out Danetti, another popular brand who specializes in producing practical, yet stylish furniture pieces. You’ll even find a wide array of stylish storage units, which are ideal for storing products, that you don’t use on a daily basis.

  1. Italian style furniture

Whilst Scandinavian furniture designers may be inspired by minimalism, Italian style furniture is inspired by Italy’s rich history. As an example, whilst browsing a furniture store you may see an Italian inspired dining table and chairs, which have been influenced by Italy’s renaissance period. Such pieces, scream opulence and may even feature gold accents. If you’re interested in redecorating your home and have a large foyer, you may want to consider placing a renaissance style chandelier in your foyer.

  1. French country chic furniture

French country inspired furniture, is incredibly popular and suits small homes such as cottages. If you’re unsure of what types of furniture, fit the French country theme, envisage light wood furniture, which has been painted white such as white dining cabinets and coffee tables. As well as plush, neutral colored sofas and cream ottomans. If you plan to redecorate your home in a French country theme, it’s worth filling a vase with fresh country flowers and decorating your lounge with a cream or white rug. Alternatively, if you love all things floral, you may be interested in a country chic, floral rug.

  1. Spanish style furniture

Spanish style furniture is easy to recognize as typically Spanish furniture is comprised of dark wood furniture. If you’re interested in purchasing Spanish inspired furniture, you may want to opt for an intricately carved cabinet or dining table. As Spain is world renown for their intricate carved furniture. If you live in an older home, which boasts plenty of wide open spaces, you’ll find that Spanish style furniture will suit your home and give your home a warm, cozy feel. To ensure that your home doesn’t look too dark or imposing, simply throw a few white cushions onto your couch and bed.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking to replace some of your furniture or you’re looking to redecorate your entire home, it’s well worth opting for European style furniture. Not only is European style, timeless and a great investment but European furniture such as Scandinavian designed furniture, is designed to be practical? as well as incredibly stylish.