What Function Do Carpets Have In The Home?

When renovating the house’s decoration, according to Green Mats you need that change to look actual and deep, but you do not know where to start. In that case, the rugs can take center stage with little, make the modification meaningful.

The importance of reinterpreting rugs as a fundamental decorative element will be beneficial to achieve the objective. “Carpets should not be associated only with winter, although this is the season in which we enjoy them the most. Carpet dress makes us appreciate an environment from its very base, makes us feel the ground, and elevates us.

Also, this resource provides warmth and thermal insulation, generates a link between us and space, and is effective in delimiting sectors or functional areas within an environment.

Need And Desire

The experts also emphasize that this element with such importance in the history of decoration deserves to be reinterpreted and used in its new materials, designs, properties, and formats.

The variants do not stop multiplying: the classic ones are woven with natural fibers, the patchwork revolution, and the wool ones. In any case, we will have a significant impact on our setting because rugs provide experiences visually and touch, allowing us to enjoy their textures.

Practical Tips

It can be associated with the carpet with the essential function of protecting our contact with the floor.

Center the mat. It must have a meaning within the room. Experts recommend centering them on another element, for example, the table or the front door.

Know the measurements of the space so as not to find one that is too large. Always measure before buying. The colors affect the feeling of spaciousness. Ideal measure: in the dining room, it should occupy the entire surface of the table and chairs without them being located on edge.

It is preferable to use natural fibers in the bedroom, such as cotton, jute, or wool. In the kitchen and bathroom, choose stronger and easier materials to clean (vinyl is a great choice).

More Accessible

But there is more: today, the luxury of a good carpet is also accessible for tighter pockets. Materials such as nylon, acrylic, or polypropylene expand the possibilities, also providing properties (such as being antiallergic or washable), impact designs, colors, and patterns, for both indoor and outdoor use, without ever neglecting comfort.

Finally, when changing the rhythm of life, when enlarging the family or adding a pet, the decoration must accompany us. Thus, rugs offer multiple options: even in different times and seasons, they invite you to give them the leading role they deserve.