What It Entails To Live In A Condo

Condominium life entails a certain number of rights and duties, it being necessary that each one respects their limits and the limits of other residents. Tranquility, well-being, and security must be the goals of condominium life. See below, which are the common and private areas and the limits of each one in their use and different circumstances.

Noise And Other Times

Noise works in shared or private areas; moving, transporting building materials, swimming pools, sports courts, and other activities have time limitations.

Noise is one of the problems that generate more friction in the condominium. It is difficult to establish a bearable noise level. Still, undoubtedly loud music, the noise of children, the barking of dogs, petting in the apartments are among the least bearable noises for most tenants. Not to mention the noise resulting from apartment renovation works – mallets, hammers, and drills can irritate and, if used after hours, will cause shudders in relations between neighbors.

To avoid possible conflicts in the condo balcony gardening (แต่งสวนระเบียงคอนโด which is the term in Thai), every unit owner must know and obey what is established in this regard in the Internal Regulation. If it does not contain restrictions on noise or work schedules, etc. should be revised in assembly to establish explicit prohibitions and schedules for activities that produce noise.

Schedules That Must Be Regulated

  • In condominiums where there are periods of absence of employees at the entrance, whether partial or complete, the times must be established at which residents must use their keys to open and close the accesses.
  • Use the playground, courts, swimming pools, ballrooms and games, gyms, and other facilities for leisure or sports.
  • Circulation of loads and changes. Today, supermarkets in large cities are open 24 hours a day, but it is good to know if the owner will be able to enter the month’s groceries at three o’clock in the morning.
  • Input and output of changes.
  • Schedules for banning noise in hallways and accessible areas, especially near the windows of the units.
  • Schedule for construction work on apartments that produce noise. Even if the condominium does not regulate these hours, common sense dictates that residents impose certain restrictions to avoid disturbing others and promptly modify the Internal Regulation.