What makes glass safe to use in architectural pieces?

Foyers and stairs are usually the first things to catch our attention when we enter a home. They also hold the most potential for accidents in the home. Stairs are anecessary component in homes and especially in businesses. Stairs are very important part of homes and buildings. There are mandatory guidelines regarding how they are builtand they can often be complex.

There are various kinds of materials such as concrete, aluminum, or wood used in designing and building staircases. But the latest trend is glass staircases which might not sound or look safe yet have an elegant appeal. You make your glass staircase safe by using good design and hopefully some common sense while keeping in mind some architectural and design decisions.Some stairs are modern, traditional and transitional.

No matter their design staircases causes unintended injuries, especially children, and seniors, are at great risk of slipping and tumbling the steps. You would find emergency rooms in the US filled with more fall-related injured people compared to any other reasons. Seniors and small children are at greater risk of falling as compared to normal adults. The National Safety Council reports 12000 deaths a year from stair falls.

Making Your Staircases Safe with Balustrades

Glass balustrades are modern and safe solutions for your staircase accidents. Glass balustrades are also a modern and safe solution for your staircase. Glass balustrades are anarchitectural feature which also servesto keep people safe. Glass balustradeshave the potential to add a sleek touch to a 21st century home.

The use of glass is not limited to balustrades but now has become more diverseover the past few years. Due to its opaque qualities, it is now used in all kind of furniture, decoration and other things. Glass which are used in products such as staircases, cars and even mobile phones is toughened glass which is stronger and safer than ordinary glass. The toughened glass has a whole different manufacturing process where glass is rapidly heat glass up to 620 degrees, and then it is rapidly cooled on one side while leaving the other to cool at a slower pace. This manufacturing process causes one side to expand and another side to contract and giving the glass its strength.

Most of the companies used toughened glass in balustrades and staircases which gives their customer a peace of mind that their staircases are going to be safe and durable.Not only toughened glass is used, but thelaminated glass is also a very classic choice to decorate your home and building. What makes it strong; is the lamination of 3 different pieces. A polyvinyl butyral is a sandwich between two toughened exterior glasses making it strong and durable. This lamination also ensures that the glass is now shatter-free.

The safety and strength found in thelaminated glass give us the freedom to create some amazing pieces of architecture — from glass staircasesto glass balustrades.You can find the best glass balustrades at https://www.stainlesshandrailsystems.co.uk/balustrades-buying-installation-maintenance-guide/.