What makes teenager’s room great?

Teen Bedroom is more than just a sleeping room. As they begin discovering their independence, having a room where they can hang out, study and spend time with friends is becoming one of the most important things. The social aspect of having a room is big.

Teenage years are the time when kids are busy and active through the day and their bodies are desperate for some comfort. Today’s teenagers are up to date on the latest trends but they are uncertain between childhood and adulthood. Most teens have favorite toys they’re not ready to forsake but look for a more sophisticated room than their childhood room.

A comfortable bed, nice bedding and pillows bodes well. Teens have a very bizarre clockwork hence their rooms shouldn’t be a conventional rooms like their parents. Many teens sleep with their cellphones and will sometimes answer calls or texts in the middle of the nightdemanding for multiple charging docks near their bed. Same goes for laptops and tablets since teens these days have to indulge in a lot of R’n’D for their school projects on the internet. Teens are great multitaskers because they have varied interests and it goes without saying that their room needs to be adaptive to their lifestyle. In fact they’re basically learning how to create an environment where they can be productive and comfortable.

A teen will most appreciate the idea of their room to be their ownpersonal apartment where they can spend most of their time comfortably. A teen’s bedroom needs to be adaptable enough for them to spread out and get homework done, hang out with friends, lounge and sleep, but all the while something that builds their personality.

Teen bedroom ideas should include functions definitive to their age, as well as look up to their expectations. Teens appreciate vibrant, high energy rooms.

A pre requisite of a teen bedroom is

  • A comfortable sleeping area
  • A study area
  • A place to spend time with friends

You don’t need to have a palatial residence to afford what your child deserves. Ideas and approaches make all the difference. Here is what you could plan:

  • A study area with a small surface for writing and make use of vertical space above and below the table surface for storage and other items

  • Cork boards or magnetic dry erase boards that can clear the small desk surface

  • A small bench against the bed’s footboard

  • A rug in a corner for a lounge area with a few pillows

  • Place the bed lengthwise against a wall in a daybed style. Add netting or fabric to create an exotic lounge and sleeping combination

  • A sofa table is narrow and makes a great desk for small spaces

Teens appreciate vibrantly colored, themed, high energy rooms. The wall is the biggest area one can work with in a bedroom. Some of the best teen bedroom ideas that involve the walls are:

  • Bright colors/Unique colors
  • Custom printed wall treatment
  • Removable wall decals
  • Custom paint or a graffiti wall treatment
  • Favorite motivational phrases in neon or light marquis signs

Bold and imaginative elements will excite a teen like nothing else. Some exceptional teen bedroom ideas that add coolness quotient to a room include:

  • A creative swing or hanging chair
  • A hanging bed
  • A wall mounted fish tank
  • A round bed
  • A chalkboard wall where they can express themselves
  • LED lights

Teens love spending time in their rooms since they feel at home and comfortable. Unsurprisinglythey are drawn to feel-good fabrics and textures. Some concepts include:

  • Velvet wallpaper
  • A faux fur rug
  • Hanging curtains to divide the space
  • Plush bedding
  • Hang fringe
  • Pillows of various colors and textures

Messy rooms seem to be a common ritual with teenagers. Efficient storage options will be the best feature they wouldn’t think they wanted but will appreciate.

Having places to keep all their belongingsthat keeps their room tidy quickly include:

  • Dressers
  • Shelving
  • Under-the-bed storage bins
  • Storage benches or storage ottomans
  • A cabinet wall around the bed
  • Desks
  • A small center table

The idea is combining function with your teen’s exclusive personality that will create a space they will love for years

Teenagers are always affixing pop star posters or wrestling icons’ posters to their walls.Some teenagerswant to paint their bedroom walls black. Some demand a vampire-themed suite. Parents are overwhelmed by the autonomy. But for most kids, it’s the only part of the house over which they can claim independence.

Kids may love canopy bed over a refined taste for clean and contemporary. Teenage girls, in general, stick to their love of bright colors and shiny things, like beaded doorways, and mirrors. Boys have specific design inspirations. They might want an entirely red room, perhaps with some sports posters on the walls. They might want a dark room with heavy drapes for sleeping until the crack of noon.

With boys and girls alike, as they grow older, they have a reluctance to throw away childhood possessions like stuffed animals, trophies or collectibles.

So high shelving, sometimes on two or three walls, above the door height, is a good idea, where they can still see their stuffed animals and trophies.

As teenagers grow their homework duties increase dramatically. They also want to hang out with friends in their rooms and not down in the basement or in the back yard.

Rooms have to be divided into different spaces: sleep, study and entertainment. The studyspace can nurture the most changes.

They need a lot of storage options. It becomes important when they get into high school. More books, more research materials, and it has to include technology. Teenagers study while playing music. Somehow it works for them. They have to have their docking stations and they have to have the Internet for their research. It’s important that the space is practical for them and that it has some organization to it.

Teens are messy because they are always on the run and toggling between multiple interests

 The spread of wireless connections within houses with laptopsand tabs mean studying has the potential to be more mobile. Some parents create separate rooms just for studying. Others turn quiet corners in their houses into a cozy study space.

The timewornidea that you have to have the desk in the room to do homework, especially for teenagers, has totally changed. The owners of one home removed all desk areas from the kids’ bedrooms. In their place, they had socializing areas complete with couches and televisions.

Many people are engaged in their own work in coffee shops, thus teenagers should learn to work in a noisy environment instead of calm ones. It is natural for fathers and mothers to lament the days when bedroom walls and shelves were displays of innocence. But in modern times working together with teenagers on rooms is more rewarding than when the parents dictate the decor.

Teen’s room decor from 1970 as compared to teen room décor in the modern day.

This becomes a great opportunity for parent and child to bond. A lot of room décor can be DIY and that’s how a lot of teenagers like it. Teenagers are increasingly aware of social, political and environmental impacts in their lives and in a way silently assume the role of being a lone rebel by practicing and promoting ideas that have a positive impact on the world. Teenagers love to preach an idea they believe in and hence their rooms are significantly plush with unconventional, environment friendly materials.

For a brief review, here are the points to consider.

Teenagers love colors, colors that are overall more vibrant than what is in the rest of the house.

There’s a way to implement nearly every peculiar decorating idea a young person can come up with. This is time when a young person is starting to make decisions and express their individuality and is not the best time or place to stifle that.

A room with black walls looks great and not bizarre

Teens spend some time researching ways to implement their ideas. They look at rooms on the Internet and pick up ideas. Their bedroom is their personal haven, in fact, it is an indispensable part of their identity.

Sometimes an entire room can be decorated around a specific object. Pick a rug or carpeting, then select other pieces to go with it.

Making a compromise is a good practice for both parents and teens. When a teen requests all black walls, compromise by painting one wall black, or doing black and white stripes. Or, if a young person requests that an entire room be an intense purple, do one wall in that color, and the others in a matching but less severe shade.

Besides being a chance to spend time together and learn more about your young person’s developing style and taste, this reiterates the idea that the teen is spending someone else’s money and should take into contemplation that person’s opinions.


A teenager’s room is part of their personality and identity. It’s part of their self-expression as well. With a little research and development for your teens’ room you can give them a space they will cherish forever.