What Plumbing Issues Are Covered By Insurance?

A lot of people ask their plumbers if their plumbing issues are covered by homeowners insurance or a similar policy. The answer that professionals tend to give is “maybe.” While this is probably not the answer you were looking for, there is a reason for it. Most plumbers cannot say for sure, because the specific details of your insurance policy, as well as the reason the plumbing issue happened, will influence whether you can make a claim or not. 

Every policy is different. Sometimes, all damages may be covered. Then there are issues that spring up that must be paid for out of pocket. 

Here are some tips to help you figure out what plumbing issues are covered by insurance and understanding your policy. 

Check Your Policy

Your chances of getting reimbursed depend on what kind of policy you have. Read over your insurance to see what it includes. If you are worried the policy will not cover any potential issues that may arise, call your agent to get additional coverage added to the existing policy. Keep in mind that not all insurance companies offer what you may be looking for, such as drain and sewer backups or backflow

Possible Exclusions

All insurance policies have conditions, limits, and restrictions. Most policies will not cover frozen and burst pipes during periods of vacancy. 

Does your policy contain a maintenance clause? In that event, the insurance company may reject any claim by stating that you should have performed preventative maintenance instead. They may even raise your premium rate if you do try to make a claim. 


Typically, insurance will not cover repiping, because they consider it to be a preventative measure. In other words, you will need to pay out of pocket. 

However, most insurance policies will cover damage caused by failing, corroded, or outdated piping. You might have to prove that the water damage is sudden and accidental. For instance, if a burst pipe occurs out of nowhere, with no warning, the policy will cover the cost of repairs and maybe even mitigate some of the damages. 

A quick note: Insurance rarely covers the cost of repairs for clogged or broken pipes if it was caused by wear and tear, neglect, or tree roots.

What to Do If You Find a Leak or Water Damage

If you want to start an insurance claim for leaking, follow the steps:

  • Document everything about the leak, including when you first found it
  • Attempt to fix the leak yourself or call a plumber to assist you
  • If water damage occurs, you can then call the insurer. Minor claims will be dropped by the insurer, so the damage should be substantial enough for coverage
  • If the claim is filed, arrange with your insurance company to have someone assess the damage.

Get Your Plumbing Repair Quote Today

In short, it is difficult to say what plumbing problems are covered by insurance, so be sure to read your policy carefully. Don’t worry if you are covered by insurance or not. If you have a plumbing problem, you should never wait to get it repaired or replaced. 

Call the Irish Plumber today or contact us to see what the cost of your project will be. We can provide an honest estimate or send over a representative who will assess the issue and give you a fair and transparent quote.