What to Know Before You Call a Roofing Company

If you’ve been putting off that roof repair or replacement, it’s time to get serious about it! Leaving your roof in unrepair can lead to leaks and water damage throughout your whole house. Then you’ll have mold and all sorts of cosmetic damages to worry about.

The average roof replacement costs $11,000. Keep in mind, though, that the cost of replacing a roof can vary widely based on the type and size of your roof. Repairing a roof can cost significantly less than that. However, repairing damage caused by a leaky roof could quickly shoot to over $30,000 or more. This usually helps put things into perspective for our customers.

Rather than put yourself in that position, go ahead and have your roof taken care of. The best roof issues are the ones you never have!

Here are a few things that can help you get started on your roof repairs or replacement:

  • Be Picky!

You have every right to be choosy about who works on your home or business roof. Don’t feel pressured into choosing a company before you’re ready. Get some prices and talk to the contractors before you make this all important decision! You will quickly see who is out to make a few dollars and who is looking for lifetime clients. Ask friends and neighbors who have had roof work done recently if they have recommendations to help narrow down your search.

  • Double Up or Strip It Down.

You can have up to two layers of shingles on your roof, so consider asking the roofing company of your choice to simply place new shingles over the old ones. You can do this if you are only replacing your roof because of its age. But if you’ve had some damage, you may want to let them go ahead and strip the old roofing material off so they can check the flashing underneath. Remember, it’s your choice!

  • Buy the Best.

Invest in quality roofing materials, because this stuff will be protecting everything in your home – your loved ones and everything that you own. It’s worth spending the money on something that works so hard for you! There are long-lasting options such as 50-year shingles and other materials like slate or clay tiles. They will cost you a little more in the beginning, but you many never have to replace your roof again if you choose one of these sturdy materials. The flashing and connectors that your roofer uses should be high quality as well.

  • Read the Estimate.

Know what you are getting. Most companies will provide you with an estimate. Make sure that you see their fees for tearing off the old roof or just the damaged part, as well as what they charge for cleaning up after the work is done. These are services that should be included, but many roofing contractors choose to blindside home and business owners with charges for things like these after the work is done.