What You Should Know About Automotive Hose Fittings

Automotive hose fittings come in different types, both customizable and standard settings depending on your needs. Each design has its own applications in today’s fitting technology. Whether you are a technician or just a customer, there is need to know different designs and where they apply in creating a tight and leak-free fit in order to enhance efficiency and safety of your automotive fitting. In this article, you are going to learn briefly about different types of automotive hose fittings and their applications.

Types of Automotive Fittings

These accessories come in a wide selection of designs and models but their types are determined by the materials used in their production.

To begin with, brass materials are commonly used in the manufacture of several fitting accessories such as hose connectors. These types of fittings find their way in the cooling system of your vehicle because they capable of withstanding extreme cold. Alternatively, brass is a long-lasting material, making it a perfect choice for such fittings.

Plastic materials are also used in producing custom and standard automotive fittings die to their lightweight nature and affordability. These materials are commonly used in designing air hoses to be used in the lower pressure systems such as vacuum lines and windshield wipers.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is a popular material found in various systems within your automobile. In most cases, the steel alloys are used to ensure that all fittings are lightweight and strong enough to be used in brake systems and engines alike. No wonder most of the automotive hoses and radiator hoses are crafted using stainless materials to resist rusting and weathering as well as withstanding strong pressure.


Standard and custom-made fittings have an array of applications in the modern world. Some of the places you are likely to find their uses include a car dealership, auto shops, customer car designers and many more. Apart from that, different types of fittings are found in various automotive systems ranging from trucks to cars and motorcycles all the way to farm equipment and watercraft among others. However, if you are an expert in making these accessories, you can as well benefit greatly by supplying hose supplies to the DIY and professional trades within your city and beyond.

Final Thought

There are many types of fittings today that we cannot fully exhaust here, but an understanding of how these accessories work and where they are used is the most important thing so far. However simple they may look, these fittings have created a huge difference in our lives by making our work easier and manageable in the best way possible.