What You Should Know About Soda Sandblasting

If you’re considering soda sandblasting for your building, there are a few things you should know before contacting a professional. Sandblasting may be a suitable option if you’re looking for a safer cleaning method that will still penetrate the surface of the building and get rid of paint and tough stains. Traditional sandblasting may cause scratches on the glass or delicate surfaces of the building, especially if you’re cleaning plastic, aluminum or wood.

Soda blasting is done with a sodium bicarbonate solution, and has been proven effective in removing graffiti and other difficult paint stains from building. While soda blasting is abrasive, it is one of the mildest forms of media blasting. The sodium bicarbonate is combined with compressed air, and the sodium bicarbonate works the same way that sand would to break down paint and remove it from surfaces. Even though soda blasting does have a few limitations, this method usually does the job when it comes to cleaning surfaces that would be ruined with other blasting processes.

In addition to being gentle on surfaces, there are several other benefits to soda blasting. This method of cleaning goes below the surface to thoroughly clean without damaging the material. Soda sandblasting is also effective for getting rid of surface particles. This is why a number of business owners choose this cleaning option when the material underneath the building’s surface needs to be preserved and protected. Soda blasting usually doesn’t require the building owner to paint the building over, which means that the method can save both time and money.

Soda blasting has been a trusted method of cleaning for years, and has been proven to get paint and years of debris off even the most delicate or hard to clean surfaces. Soda blasting was even used to improve the look of the Statue of Liberty, which further proves that the method works well and can be trusted to clean valuable structures.

Once you decide that soda blasting is the right cleaning choice for your professional structure, it’s time to choose a qualified team. The cleaning team will assess the construction and materials of your building to let you know which form of media blasting will yield the best results. You can also get information on graffiti management, so you can add protective elements to your building to keep graffiti from ruining the exterior.

Before soda sandblasting, it may be necessary to ask the professional to provide power washing services. This will remove debris and dirt from your outside walls and windows, and this method can also be used to clean the sidewalks and patios surrounding your building. The pressure with which the water hits the surface can also get rid of dirt in small or hard to reach areas.

In addition to soda blasting, it may also be necessary to come up with a graffiti removal plant to get rid of graffiti that has ruined the look of your building for years. Paint-overs could be beneficial after soda blasting to get your place of business looking like new again.