When Is It Time To Move Home?

Ever wonder if you should start considering finding a new place to call home? It’s tempting at various times to get your hands on some cheap moving boxes, pack up your things and start fresh. However, when is it actually a good time to move? We have a list of signs that it may be a good idea.

  1. Empty rooms – if you are finding yourself with rooms that are simply cold and collecting dust after maybe the kids moved out, or your house sharing friend has moved on, that could be a sign you need to do the same. Downsizing to something that suits your needs not only saves you money but time as well. Not only this, a smaller house will you a much cosier feel.
  2. Outgrown your current home- for many young people starting or building a family, space quickly becomes sparse. Are you finding yourself crawling over people to get to the kitchen, or queuing outside your bathroom in a morning? Finding something a little bigger that can comfortably fit everyone in will make massive differences to your stress levels at home.
  3. Making the big step with your other half- if you think you are nearing the time to make the big leap with your boyfriend/fiancé then it is a sure sign you need to look for a beautiful place together. Buying a house for both of you is a massive step and one that can take your relationship to the next level.
  4. Retiring- when they joyful time comes to finish work on a Friday for the last time you want to ensure your home is your dream home. Find something that will suit all your needs now that you will be there a lot more. Somewhere peaceful you can enjoy long summer days and dark winter nights, as well as somewhere to tire out the grandkids in the holidays.
  5. Better neighbourhood- nothing ruins a good house quite like a bad neighbourhood. The difference between a good and a bad neighbourhood could be the difference between your sanity being intact or not. Somewhere bad and unsafe can often leave you worried 24/7 for your family’s safety. Even if it is safe, it may be too quiet for the kids to enjoy themselves, or too populated to enjoy walks with the family dog.
  6. New job – sometimes when you get a new job it may often require a longer commute, however if your life allows you to, maybe it would be wise to move closer to the job. Moving close to work drastically improves commute time and helps to make your days shorter and less stressful.