Why Pine Log Siding Is A Perennial Cabin Favorite

Imagine relaxing in your new log cabin on the lake or in the woods on a beautiful morning. Did you know you can save thousands of dollars and a lot of effort by using log siding instead of full logs? As the long and massive logs of appropriate size are getting costlier and harder to find, log siding is becoming the perennial cabin favorite. This alternative virtually provides the same look, feel, and atmosphere as full logs without the full log cost and hassles.

Why are so many people shifting to log siding for the exteriors and interiors of their cabins?

  • We’ve already mentioned a significant cost and labor savings.
  • Your cabin can be constructed faster in any weather conditions.
  • Using log siding follows more conventional and understandable building concepts.
  • This alternative is much safer because there are no heavy logs to lift overhead.
  • There is no need to hire a crane and operator to hoist the logs into place.

The point is that it’s so much easier to work with tongue and groove log siding than huge, cumbersome logs. Another benefit is that the construction crew won’t need special training to install the siding. Start by adding the door and window trim, and then put the material on the stud walls with long screws. The process works the same for the interior walls, and as a bonus, you will save up to 20% in material waste on both applications.

You Have Three Siding Alternatives to Fit Your Cabin Design

Two favorite log styles are half log and quarter log with differences in the thickness of the wood. If you favor fuller logs in the 3×10 Premier Deep D-log style, you will find them here. You can’t go wrong with any of them for a cabin or a larger home. Compare their costs, styles, and sizes to your budget, and go from there. The following three styles all have smooth surfaces.

Quarter log siding

This is the economic log siding solution for any log cabin. It is available in smooth or hand-hewn, 2×6 or 2×8 in knotty pine or cedar. (2×6 & 2×8 Pine – 20% off)

Half log siding

Half log siding is the favorite log siding style. It comes in smooth or hewn, 3×6 or 3×8 in knotty pine or cedar. 3×7 Cedar is now available! (3×6 Pine – 25% off, 3×8 Pine – 20% off)

Premier log siding

Premier Deep D provides the most authentic log cabin look. It is available in hand-hewn only in 3×8 or 3×10 sizes in knotty pine or cedar. (3×8 Premier Pine – 20% off, 3×10 Premier Pine Deep D – 25% off)

You may prefer hand-hewn logs as shown above or pre-finished log siding. Call 800-818-9971 to discuss your needs and get your questions promptly answered.