Why Schedule a Pre-Season Pool Service

For many pool owners they don’t think about their pool until they are ready to use it when the season starts and the warm weather arrives.  As your pool is left unused for half of the year there is no guarantee that it will continue working the same way you left it.  It can collect a lot of dirt and parts can become damaged in the cold winter weather.

Swimming pools require a great amount of care and attention, not something that should be taken lightly.  

A pre-season pool service is a the best way to identify any problems and ensure a fully functioning, safe pool ready for you and your family to enjoy when the season arrives.

While it is possible to inspect the pool yourself, to be totally sure you’ve not missed anything, the best thing to do is call a trained professional.

Following the harshness of winter in rare cases you may be faced with damaged equipment so it’s important to fully test your pool to identify and problems.

Reasons to schedule a pre-season service:

  • Make sure your pool is completely safe – A professional pre-season service will check all equipment for wear and any potential safety hazards. A trained professional can also ensure that your pool is fully clean of harmful bacteria, dirt and debris.  Be sure that your pool is completely safe to use for your whole family.
  • Fix problems before the season starts – Get the most from your pool by identifying any problems before the season starts, so you can your family can enjoy a fully working pool all season long.
  • Save money – It is much quicker to fix pool problems and install new equipment before the season starts.  Rates to clean your pool etc..are likely to be a lot cheaper.

Many pool contractors offer pre-season pool services.  You will often find that a lot of companies offer discounts before the season starts to encourage people to use their services.  If you discover a problem with your pool, it will almost always be cheaper to get it fixed in the spring/winter than in the height of summer.