Wine Barrel Table That Can Give a Rustic Look to Your Home

Old wine barrel can be transformed into useful tables for your home, which can be used for your daily needs. These days, wine barrel furniture has become a very popular item in most of the modern households.

Hungarian Workshop is also engaged in the business of recycling old wine barrels into many different attractive and useful items. If you too have little imagination to convert any wine barrel into useful furniture then you can take help of an experienced carpenter or a company, who are in the business of wood crafting.

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However, before you plan to create any table out of wine barrel then note the following few tips –

  • Select those barrels that are strong and sturdy
  • There should be no crack, holes, soft areas or any kind of deformities in the barrels
  • Clean and scrub the barrel thoroughly before modifying them.
  • Put varnish layers on both interior and exterior of the barrel.
  • Choose only those barrels that are of oak wood.
  • If you are buying barrels then get it from any reputable shops.

Wine barrel tables

Wine barrel tables can be seen in many households these days as it does require too much of work to create suitable table out of them. Following are few ideas that can help you to build tables for your household that you can use for daily purposes.

  • Wine barrel dining table

In order to make stable and attractive dining table get couple of clean wine barrels and dry them up. You can now put varnish on them to increase its life. Your table legs will be created by two wine barrels.

Select a large rectangular piece of hardwood as a table top and place on top of these two bases. If you prefer glass top dining table then get glass top of suitable size and place on it. You can bolt the top too for adding more stability. You have an attractive dining table for your home.

  • Wine barrel side table

Side tables can be used in your living room as well as in bed room. One way to do is to cut any clean and large barrel crosswise to make into two halves. Place these pieces on either side of your bed. Get suitable top for it and your side table is ready.

  • Wine barrel coffee table

Cut any clean wine barrel in the same way as you have done above. Make a suitable wooden stand where the curved portion of the barrel can rest. Choose suitable table top of either glass or hardwood and place over it and your coffee table is ready.