Wood burning stoves – best way to keep home warm at very cheap rates

In Aberdeen or any other European cities use of wood burning stoves is very prominent. The main purpose of these stoves is to keep the home warm during the winters. Although this is a very old technique but still people use it widely over there. This is because wood is renewable source of energy and more than that it is very cheap and looks very traditional as well as it is an effective way to keep the room warm.  Wood Burning Stoves in Aberdeen are very famous and over there many people make use of this stove.

Materials used

Now days these stoves comes in two different materials such as stainless steel and cast iron. If you want traditional stoves then cast iron is good for you, if you want modern one then stainless steel is best option for you. In stainless steel stoves you get a large glass window so that you get better view of fire.

When making a purchase of the stove keep this thing in mind that you purchase one in which you need less maintenance. And, also make sure that the stove is not broken from anywhere because if it is broken then air that makes the fire might get out of control and cause serious damage. That’s why even after the buying you should regularly check that there should be no passage for air flowing.

Combustion technology

There are two types of combustion technology used in these stoves, first is non catalytic and second is catalytic. These both technologies are good and user can purchase it as per their needs.

Non-catalytic stoves are inflammable that burn at very high temperature, it gives a better heating effect but it needs regular maintenance. While catalytic stoves burn at very steady rate and provide very long heating effect but produce more smoke also. It does not need regular maintenance, little maintenance is sufficient.