Yard Aeration: Everything You Should Know

Who does not love velvety grass bed in their yard?

After a tiring day, just walking in your garden full of soft grass is more than calming and relaxing. But do you think getting a flawless and cinematic yard does not require any effort?

It is hard to understand why the grass is not growing or providing the outcome even after doing everything. Sometimes all you need is a good yard aeration service.

What is yard aeration?

This process involves creating a hole with the help of a lawn aerator to let the air pass into the soil and grass-root for eliminating the thatch and other extra components, which is obstructing the growth of the grass at its utmost way.

Why yard aeration needed?

The best time for aeration is when the grass is still growing. 

If you provide compacted soil full of solid particles and add water from time to time, it can obstruct the air circulation underneath the soil bed. Lack of air into the ground can make the grass thin and discoloured. 

The grasses can even die because of this. Oxygenated air is significant to reach into the soil for growth and better quality. Overloaded lawn thatch or heavy debris is hidden under the grass plane can starve the roots.

The proper time for aeration

It is very important to know the right time of aeration; otherwise, it will not be beneficial. The best time for yard aeration service for the cool-season grasses is early fall or in the springtime. Late spring or the very early summer is the best time for warm-season grasses. One more thing should keep in mind that this process should be repeated after heavy rainfall. 

First, you have to identify the most used place on your yard or where the growth is lacking, and then you should go for the aeration process so that every area of your lawn has the same growth grass.

How to do the aeration?

There are especially three types of aeration equipment used in this process. From small duty to heavy-duty machinery are there.

Spike aerators: Spike like aerators are for small area aeration. Anybody can handle this. The spike-like part goes into the soil and turns the ground and makes room for air.

Slicing aerators: There is a blade in these aerators, and the main work is it helps to cut into slices the thatches so that they could be easily removed.

Plug aerators: This is a heavy-duty aerator. It is for professional yard aeration service. It removes the plug from the soil in the lawn.

Yard aeration is a highly technical process, and it is better to opt for a professional yard aeration service rather than trying on your own. It will save you time and energy and definitely give you an impressive outcome.

Aeration is advantageous for achieving a stunning yard, but most people don’t recognize the need or understand the procedure. Try professional care for your lawn, and let the grasses breathe again.